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Apr 15, 2013 10:30 AM

You've got to try the new Private Social (PS)

So I'll start out by saying, yes, the menu as written is confusing. But don't let that prevent you from trying the new PS. The food is nothing like Tiffany Derry's. In my mind, it's better. It's something Dallas has been missing. The new menu is very much a reflection of the new chef's experience from El Bulli, Alinea, and French Laundry. Each dish has many components, textures and flavors. Just fabulous.

So what we had:
We were fortunate where we got to try items from both the bar menu and the dining room menu.
Free Range BBQ Chicken Wings (bar menu) - Amazing...I am at a loss for words
Prince Edwards Mussels (dining room menu) - Very very good. I especially liked that there is no cream in the mussels, yet the sauce is nice and rich and thick.
Cure smoked Salmon (dining room menu) - Presentation was very Alinea like...smoked salmon hanging down over a piece of charcoal, and the charcoal smokes up as oil drips from the salmon. Solid dish, but of all the things I had, it's one I could pass on. Doesn't mean anything bad about the dish, but the others were very good.
Edible Dali (dining room menu) - The wow factor in the presentation is worth it, but the dish itself probably doesn't have the bang for your buck. You get this phyllo, which is presented to you on a mini easel, and you're given a paintbrush. So pretend the phyllo is a canvas. On a separate plate you get like 20 "spheres" (molecular) ranging from fruits to olives.
Avacado Salad (dining room menu) - Delicious. You had avacado mousse, with various tomatoes. Recommend sharing, unless you're hungry.
Mozzarella Salad (dining room menu) - Unreal. They make their own mozzarella. We were fighting over this. It's a big place, so unless you're hungry, I'd recommend sharing this.

Main courses - it was 4 of us, and we got 4 different things to share: The halibut, ribeye, chicken and a duck confit (special). They were all delicious. People at the table loved the chicken. I liked them all, so I can't decide which one was my favorite. The portions are good sized.

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  1. I'd also like to check it out. One thing on my mind right away: what can we expect as far as price point for this kind of meal?

    I'm thinking of doing just the bar menu first, and then coming back later for the dining room if I like it.

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    1. re: air

      menu here, with prices:

      And isn't this interesting:

      "The chef crafted this menu of suggested flavor combinations to nourish ALL your senses. With this in
      mind, please feel free to choose your own adventure by selecting items and applying your own style by
      ascribing adjectives that inform your ideal preparation; allowing Chef Najat to create customized dishes."

      Compare & contrast to this from FT33 ...

      "substitutions and modifications respectfully declined"

      1. re: foiegras

        You had me at 'candied fried BBQ chicken lollipop.'

        Chef certainly sounds like a cool, unpretentious dude.

        1. re: KrumTx

          Was there for happy hour again (awesome deal to get half priced apps at the bar) and got to meet the chef. She is very nice.

          1. re: KrumTx

            Chef is Najat Kaanache, a woman. She worked at el Bulli, among other places.

        2. re: air

          So hanging out at the bar is worth it, just cause the cocktails are delicious! I think their bar manager has been featured on Sidedish before also. Doing one evening at the bar with the bar menu and another day at the dining room would be a great way to try it, or you can overeat and do both on the same day :-D.

          As for price, we were 4 of us, had all of the above things and asked to do a wine pairing (again, they totally accommodated us on this), and it was $100pp.

        3. I just read that they've closed.

          did you read the DMN review? I'm curious what your thoughts are - it's a pretty scathing review (one star). Do you see any resemblance between what you ate, and what LB describes?

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            1. re: Matt.

              So, it's just a name change, I guess?

              1. re: Matt.

                interesting. They cite unreliable sources, but in the article that I read, the author claimed that they confirmed it with the bartender. Obviously something went down.

                1. re: gavlist

                  I don't know anything about it, except when I checked the link you originally referenced, that post was gone. Instead, they had a very definite retraction up. Looking at the twitter, it looks like eatstyledallas may have just tried too hard to have the "scoop."


                  1. re: gavlist

                    Or, I suppose, someone lied to them intentionally in an effort to damage the business.

                    1. re: gavlist

                      The blog sites a 'reliable source' ... hmmm.

                      1. re: foiegras

                        I guess now we need to try the new, new Private Social, serving "Awesome Texas Food."


                        1. re: Matt.

                          Must be the result of the Dallas D Magazine's review. I can't say I'm excited about this....

                          1. re: Matt.

                            I think I can smell the desperation, I mean Awesome Texas Food, from here.

                  2. FYI - I went last Friday and saw that they're doing free food from the new menu today and tomorrow.

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                      1. re: gavlist

                        Just had a beer. New menu was already in effect and to be honest, nothing sounded particularly interesting since it's ubiquitous southern comfort food. Quite unfortunate that the interesting menu discussed here lasted less than a month.

                        1. re: air

                          Yes, a shame. I'm going to check out their new menu on Wednesday. It's free food/drinks 5pm-8pm. Just sad that the creative menu got stashed. It really was due to poor execution by the front of the house. They never had an answer for any question on the menu.

                      2. re: air

                        I was there on Friday too! Just got some drinks at the bar and a dessert. Had eaten at Samar before that.

                      3. Went to the tasting yesterday. The food is now definitely average. Something you can get anywhere, which is sad. I had the opportunity to speak with the chef, and you can tell she isn't excited about the change either. Only silver lining, they have a tasting menu option added, which will be very different from the rest of the menu, where the chef can showcase her creativity. That's probably the only way I'd eat there. Cocktails were fabulous as always.

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                        1. re: pgwiz1

                          Thanks, I'd been wondering about a tasting menu. Any restrictions on it ... like weekends only, certain number of tables ... ?

                          1. re: foiegras

                            Didn't see a restriction. The chef certainly mentioned that if you're into food and want more than their "awesome texan menu" to just tell her. Looks like there are two versions - a $65 and $95.