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Apr 15, 2013 08:36 AM

Best laid back place for Tiki Drinks in Manhattan.

I'm a chowhound newbie planning a day trip to Manhattan to see an old friend that I met on Oahu. Looking for a place to get frozen drink with an umbrella in the city. Places I've seen look like nightclubs with "velvet ropes" and dress codes. - PKNY, Riff Raff.

Any place with amazing drinks that a tourist could do some day drinking?


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  1. Otto's Shruken Head. Absolutely what you are looking for.

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      I dunno. I love Otto's and I agree they don't have that velvet rope thing going on but I'd hardly call them "laid back.". Of course I go on Thursdays when they have a punk/heavy metal DJ so perhaps it varies by day.

      Reunion is more laid back, IMO, but they don't open until 5:30.

      1. Amazing drinks will be difficult during the day time as our best cocktail bars usually don't open until 5-6pm (esp in Manhattan). Shoot for decent drinks and you'll do much better.

        I don't think PKNY has a velvet rope out and a dress code, just a bouncer at the door. The vibe is tiki mixed with hip hop, lots of graffiti on the walls. I think the drinks are better there than at Otto's but Otto's is a decent choice as well and opens in the afternoon. Depends what kind of atmosphere you want. Neither strikes me as that "night club" esque.

        Avoid Hurricane Club / Riff Raff if you don't want a faux club scene.

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