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Apr 15, 2013 08:30 AM

Where To Find Thanksgiving Sandwich Anytime Of Year?

I sooooo miss those Thanksgiving leftover-type sandwiches with fresh turkey, good stuffing, mayo and cranberry sauce and gravy on the side. Capriotti's in Delaware does a fine job and - don't shoot me on this one - D'Angelo's up in New England makes a passable version as well.

Do you fellow Chowhounders know of anyplace in Essex, Passaic, Morris, Bergen, Hudson counties may have this kind of offering year round? Someplace in northern NJ would suit my needs. Heck, even Queens or Da Bronx and Westchester might work as well. And I drive though CT often for business.


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  1. I am pretty sure there is a resto in New Hope Pennsylvania that serves one.

    1. Go to the Millburn Deli and get "The Gobbler".

      1. Well, I was in Parsippany today and tried their "Gobbler" sandwich. It was a miss.... My search continues. Haven't had a chance to try Milburn Deli yet and I didn't see "The Gobbler" on their online menu.....

        Thanks for your help, gang!

        1. The Skylark Diner on rt 1 in Edison does a great one!! I have a friend who can't bring himself ti order anything else when we go there!

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            And the Skylark's is actually called the Thanksgiving Sandwich.

          2. In the department of "How crazy is THIS timing?!?" two co-workers announced yesterday that they wanted Thanksgiving Sandwiches!

            After lunch, both were absolutely raving about "The Gobbler" (complete with gravy) from Chatham Sandwich Shop.