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Apr 15, 2013 07:34 AM

White Marsh restaurants for dinner

Has anything new in the past few years opened in the White Marsh area that would be worthwhile for dinner? The last time I was there for dinner, there were not any good options and most of the places were chains. I need to run to Ikea and am trying to think of where to go to dinner with an out of town guest that is close by.

Unfortunately, Clementine and Maggie's Farm are closed on Mondays. The best options I have thought of so far are all in the Towson area, which are a little out of the way. Thanks!

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  1. Nothing fancy, but, good solid bbq at Mission BBQ and authentic Mexican at R&R Taqueria. If they have ceviche, grab it!



    1. What about Hamilton Tavern? Right across the street from Clementine. I've literally never had a bad meal there.