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Bagels on Long Island

Growing up on Long Island we know that a bagel is more than a roll with a hole in it.
Chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside.
Anyone know where I can get a good NY Water Bagel on Long Island?
Preferably Nassau County, but at this point the entire Island is fair game.


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  1. I am in the Riverhead area. I have yet to find a Long Island bagel that comes close to a NYC bagel.
    Ess-A-Bagel being my all time favorite.

    1. In what area do you live? You should not have to go far to find an excellent one. I love Bagel Hut in Great Neck and ask for and receive one,"well done". They also will let me know what is hot out of the oven. Also for western Nassau people is Utopia Bagel in Queens(on the boarder of Bayside and Whitestone). If you search Chowhound you well find it is loved and adored by many. I have become more of a fan recently and the accolades are well deserved.

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        Thanks. I live in south Nassau, but I drive all over Nassau and western Suffolk. I don't see me getting to Queens early enough for a morning breakfast bagel, but I won't rule out a lunch bagel with a schmear, some sliced nova and a side of slaw and a full sour pickle.
        Bagel Hut is still my favorite. It's just a drive away...

      2. Haven't been for awhile, but I remember Bagel Oasis in Fresh Meadows right on the LIE being very good. A little bit closer than NYC.

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          Yes. They make great bagels. They are on the eastbound service road of the LIE, just east of Utopia.
          A couple of others - Let There Be Bagels in Port Washington and Gold & Meyer's on Old Country Rd. in Plainview.

        2. We use to live in Melville and found good bagels at University Bagel, in the strip mall across from the SUNY Farmingdale campus. The Asian couple who owned it (think they still do) lived in NJ and stopped in NYC to pick up their bagels and bialys on the way to their store. For several years after we moved to the North Fork, we'd make a trip back to get some and freeze them. We eventually gave up because it was just a long way to go for just bagels, and their bialys started to get huge, way too big. And parking can be an issue as well as being able to get what you want - that place is hugely popular with the college crowd and is always busy.
          Now we make a trip in to the Fairway every 3-4 weeks to stock up on things we can't get here on the North Fork; their bagels and bialys are decent enough, and a stop for lunch at Blackstone's makes the trip well worth the drive. We have checked out every bagel shop on the entire North Fork, most of the Hamptons, Wading River, Shoreham, Mt. Sinai, and a few random other areas and they all are just awful, north worth the carbs and calories. One doesn't even have to try them, just look at them and if they have a flat bottom, forget about them. For instance, an everything bagel with the everything toppings absent from the flat bottom. Yuck.
          There's always hope and I will be following this thread to see what pops up!

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            I always liked the bagels at Miller Place Bagels & Deli on RT25A in Miller Place.
            In Farmingdale it's Bagel Hut on Fulton Street for me.

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              Miller Place is not that far form us, we'll give it a try, thanks!

          2. I don't eat bagels any more, but I have heard that Brendel's makes proper, boiled then baked bagels. There's one near me, but have never tried them.

            1. My wife an experienced bagel aficionado also remarks on those "real tasty" bagels from Fairway .

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                IIRC, Erica Marcus from Newsday has said they're really good.

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                  I think you're right, rings a bell. My husband is NYC born and Long Island raised and knows his bagels and Fairway's are good enough for him, which is saying a LOT.
                  I forgot to mention the main reason we go to Fairway - their smoked salmon. That's harder to find than a decent bagel. They have a great selection and experienced slicers who only do that and they slice it paper thin. Smoked salmon in those mass-produced packages just don't cut it.

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                    I've only had the mini bagels from Fairway, but while I love the store in general, they just didn't do it for me. Smoked salmon is another story.

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                      I also tried the mini bagels and I am firmly convinced they are not the same as the regular size ones. I used to only eat the full sized everything bagels but switched to the bialys the last couple of years, not because I really wanted to but because I wanted to cut carbs. I thought the minis would be an option but they are not the same at all, IMHO.

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                        Before I gave up everything bagels altogether, I used to cut off the third with the most toppings, scoop out all the soft stuff, leaving an everything shell, filled with cream cheese, capers then covered with smoked salmon.

                        Effed up my blood glucose enough that I finally gave them up completely after a few trials and big blood sugar spikes and bloating.

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                          Good to know! I only buy the minis to save on calories myself. Bet the minis come in frozen and premade. That's what they taste like to me.

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                            That's exactly why I tried the mini but I now just stick to bialys, big bagels are a thing of the past, just not worth it. We just can't seem to give up the Sunday morning/NYTimes fix :-)

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                              I just cut the bagel into quarters and try to eat it as slowly as I can throughout the day. My husband never liked bagels due to how heavy they are, he always called them "bagel bombs".

                2. Bagel Boss on South Oyster Bay Rd in Hicksville is pretty good.

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                    I second Bagel Boss in Hicksville

                  2. A&S Bagels in Franklin Square makes fresh bagels 24 hrs. A day. They are are wholesale and retail store on Hempstead Turnpike. Yes, the bagels are big, but you can always order a mini. With continuous baking there are always hot bagels.l