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Apr 15, 2013 01:18 AM

Cookbook of the Month May 2013: The Voting Thread

Interesting month, with several books getting strong support. But despite a late surge from the Two Greedy Italians, and several votes (again) for Thai Food, it looks like we're heading down to Latin America in May!

The two frontrunners were:

GRAN COCINA LATINA by Maricel Presilla



Quite a few people mentioned Rick Bayless month or other books by him but Mexican Everyday was by far the most popular choice - and given that Mexico: One Plate at a Time has already been COTM, I think we should just have an adjunct thread for his other books, should Mexican Everyday win.

We'll vote in the same way as last month as it seemed to work well. Below the OP there will be separate posts created by me for the two books in contention. To register your vote, simply click on "Recommend" in the appropriate post. You'll know you've voted because the box next to "Recommend" will go red.

Voting will close at 0800 GMT on Saturday 20th April, giving y'all a whole ten days to get hold of the book, should you choose to do so.

Let the battle commence!

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      1. re: oakjoan

        Joan - you need to read the OP! Click on "Recommend" under my post for Gran Cocina Latina and your vote will register.

        1. re: oakjoan

          oakjoan, last month COTM started a new voting procedure. Instead of voting with your own comment, click on "recommend" for the post for your preferred book (the post you replied to).

        1. Woohoo! I have both of these books. I've made a few recipe from Mexican Everyday with good results. And definitely need a kickstart for GCL--honestly, I'm not even sure I've cracked the cover.


          1. I have both books but haven't cooked from Gran Cocina

            1. Thanks, Greedygirl! "The battle", hah.

              So far I am loving Gran Cocina Latina, though it's so huge that it would be great to cook through it with other food enthusiasts and discover more gems within.

              I like the idea of an adjunct Bayless thread should Mexican Everyday win...

              This should be a fun month!

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              1. re: Allegra_K

                Allegra, my impression of GCL is that it has a lot of stewy, wintery type dishes. Can you comment on whether there are springy dishes mixed in as well? I already voted for Mexican Everyday, but I could always change my vote, hah!