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Apr 14, 2013 11:03 PM

North Lake Tahoe (Incline Village or nearby) on a Sunday evening...

My husband's soon-to-be niece (by marriage) will be in Reno for a conference starting Sunday pm for a few days. She doesn't have much play time, but we would like to show her Lake Tahoe. We plan on picking her up around 5 pm Sunday and taking her up to at least get the good views and maybe have a drink at the beach bar at the Hyatt. But frankly that's not my favorite place to have dinner afterwards. So any suggestions? Le Bistro sounds great, but its not open on Sundays. Bonus points for a Lake view, not overly expensive, and seafood-centric. Am I dreaming?

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  1. Janet, seafood centric in Tahoe??????? You spent way too much time in Vegas.

    A drink at the Hyatt bar is a great choice. Lovely setting. The best seafood and a great view would be Big Water Grill. The menu is pricey but you can get smaller, less expensive portions which would help lower the cost. If you don't care about the view I would go to Bite, which is casual, fun, and all small plates with a few seafood options. However, no view. Both are open on Sundays.

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      Bite actually sounds very good.....I think we'll try it! Thanks, Rev!!

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        Follow up: Thanks, Rev, for the suggestion: Bite was perfect! (Actually, the entire evening was perfect...we started with a bottle of pinot noir and perfect evening weather at the beach bar at the Hyatt, and then headed over to Bite).

        The ahi sliders are to die for, btw. Also had the goat cheese sliders, vegetarian empanadas, fish tacos, grilled asparagus, crispy onion rings, and shared a serving of bread pudding for desert. About the only thing that was less than perfect to me were the fish tacos...a little soggy. The bread pudding is wonderful! Our server was very accommodating: the sliders come in servings of two each and she made it into a serving of three so we wouldn't end up with an extra (although we probably would have fought over an extra ahi slider). Would definitely like to go back; maybe we can take you to dinner there sometime this summer?. If anyone is interested, our meal (including a generous tip, a round of their wonderful custom-crafted cocktails, some spicy honeyed walnuts to nibble on with the drinks, and two coffees) came to around $150. The tapas format was perfect, as it allowed us to share food and food stories as we got to know our new relative (who was raised in Panama but is of Gujarati heritage, and currently lives in downtown Philadelphia and is definitely a chowhound at heart:-)

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          Thank you for reporting back, this is a great resource for when I return to visit the folks :)

    2. Whew, glad you liked the suggestion Janet. I've been sweating bullets. I think you've known me long enough to know my motto-if you're buying I'm eating. See you this summer.