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Apr 14, 2013 05:46 PM

Are there still any hidden gems in Phoenix metro?

So I always see the same restaurants mentioned here in the posts. I know there is a reason for that but I cannot believe there aren't any other lesser known gems out there.

Any recomendations aside from the ones always mentioned on the boards?

I can certainly think of a few....

A Metro Pizzeria
Los Reyes de la Torta
Pho 48
Flavors of New Orleans

Any others you can think of?

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  1. Pizza A Metro got mentioned quite a bit, though not recently.

    Some notables that I like which aren't popular on this board:

    Kyber Halal
    Beckett's Table

    I'm sure there are others, but those immediately come to my mind.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Never heard of tuck or rusconi's...what do you recomend at both places?

      1. re: luegar

        Tuck is a great place to just sort of hang out, with friends or with people from the area (they have a great communal table set up). I like the dates, the fries and the chili. And they give you these cookie dough balls -- gratis!

        At Rusconi's, I've only been there for brunch and their Eggs Benedict with pulled pork is great. Soups are good too.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Michael Rusconi was the long time chef at Lon's. This is his first solo restaurant and is worth a visit.

        2. re: luegar

          Its full name is Tuck Shop. They have a changing menu by season. Just get what you like, and you won't go wrong. The chicken and waffles are always on the menu and are pretty good.

          1. re: bharbeke

            I think the menu changes less than it purports to.

            The dates have been on the menu, if I recall correctly, since it opened some 5 years ago. The Chicken N Waffles, like you say, are always there, and probably a few things I'm forgetting.

            But items do rotate. Just not the entire menu.

        3. re: ipsedixit

          We did Rusconi's, but maybe it was too soon after opening. We were totally unimpressed on our one visit, and that was across our board.

          Maybe they have gotten it together, but nothing was working, from the FOH to the kitchen. Will take a while, before any of us go back.


        4. Haji Baba in Tempe is my latest addiction.
          Rock Springs Cafe up by Anthem is off the chain good on pie.
          Bourbon Steak at the Princess Fairmont for happy hour.
          Los Dos Molinos in Mesa.
          Casey Moore's in Tempe has some of the best oysters rock.

          1. This thread has tons of great choices:

            Dmnkly's suggestions buried in the thread are particularly spot on.

            1. Scottsdale BBQ Co, Granite Reef and McDonald - great ribs and southern sides

              1. Many:
                Los Reyes de la Torta has the best sandwich in Phoenix, the Torta Cubana.
                Tacos Atoyac has had national recognition as a taqueria.
                Carolina's for lunch. Yes, it's a dive but outstanding and very inexpensive Mexican food.
                Rice Paper for Vietnamese.
                Gallo Blanco for slightly upscale Mexican.
                Barrio Cafe for upscale Mexican by a nationallly recognized chef.
                Rito's for green or red chile burritos. That's the menu and there is no sign outside but you'll know you are there by the cars.
                Matt's Big Breakfast. The best.
                Food trucks on Friday from noon-2pm located at Central and Roosevelt.
                Lolo's Chicken and Waffles. They've torn down the dump they used to be in and moved into new quarters next door. Food is the same but I miss the atmosphere.
                The original America's Taco Shop on 7th street just north of McDowell.

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                1. re: Poerz

                  Whether those places are gems or not is debatable, they are certainly not "hidden".

                  Matt's has consistently received national press, and the weekend lines in the morning is exhibit 1 as to it's lack of hiddeness.

                  Barrio Cafe is not hidden, it's just past it's prime.

                  And places like Gallo Blanco and America's Taco are well-known, and have been popular for quite some time now.

                  Carolina's? Lolo's? Really? Those are well-known Phoenix institutions. By that standard, Duran'ts would be "hidden".