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Apr 14, 2013 04:20 PM

Trip Request Part II

Thanks again for all of the help for my first business trip to Toronot.. Below is a link to a quick report. I am again looking for help with an upcoming business trip. Again, I seek any kinds of must-eat bite, and am happy for downscale, upscale, and anywhere in between. On my first trip, I loved The Black Hoof, 416 Snack Bar, Chanticler, Grand Electric, and more. Where to this time? No car though.

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  1. You chose well on your last trip. Try Actinolite, George (higher price), Buca, and something ethnic (ask about which might interest you). And Soma for chocolate.

    1. Great report. Some newer places getting a lot of love that you might want to check out:

      - Skin and Bones
      - Rose and Sons
      - Come and Get It
      - Richmond Station

      And a couple of tried and true options that I like:

      - Beast
      - Edulis

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        Thanks. Currently considering Bar Isabel, Hopgood's Foodliner, Oddseoul, among others.

        1. re: John Galt

          i say this knowing that you are and it's meant more for anyone else reading this but, if you are at all interested in good food and drink you owe it to yourself to eat at bar isabel, it's really, really great

          1. re: disgusti

            That's what I'm leaning towards for my first of two nights.

            1. re: John Galt

              Good call on Bar Isabel -- forgot about it in my list. If you loved Black Hoof, you should enjoy seeing how the original chef has moved on to his own place.

              1. re: John Galt

                Oh, and don't know if you enjoy izakayas, but I'm a big fan of Kingyo.

        2. Here would be my reccos:

          Electric Mud (Grand Electrics new place)
          Ryoji Izakaya
          Edulis if you can get in
          And maybe Porzia?