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Apr 14, 2013 04:13 PM

Volleyball Team Dinners

If your teen daughter was on a team of 10 and was playing at the Convention Center in Minneapolis, where would you go with the team? 10 girls, roughly 20 parents, the odd grand parent or coach....

I tried Penninsula on Eat Street once. It was big enough for a large party, but the menu was like walking through a minefield in terms of palate-challenge.

Black Sheep? Pizza Luce on Lyndale? Rudolph's on Lyndale and Franklin?

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  1. Market BBQ is closer to the Convention Center than Rudolph's. It's probably a coin toss as to which is better. The only advantage that Rudolphs might offer is off-street parking (kitty corner to the restaurant).

    Quang would probably be able to accommodate you - particularly if they know you're coming. Since you're unsure about Peninsula, you're going to have to judge about whether Quang would work for your group.

    Another possibility is Icehouse. It's a little more expensive than pizza or bbq, but I think people would probably like the menu. It should be able to accommodate a large group if they know your coming and/or if you're eating at a non-prime time.

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        FWIW, Market BBQ has plenty of off-street parking in back.

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          Thanks. The few times I've gone there I've parked on Nicollet.

      2. Keys would be a good option. Lots of space, and something for everyone.

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          We did Keys a couple of years ago when we had a dance competition at the Convention Center and it worked well for our large group.

          The last time we did Buca with a group they would not give us separate checks. Each family had to figure out what they owed and the pool the money to pay the bill. It was a pain.

        2. So where did the girls/parents go, Jim? I was a soccermom for years and finding a place to eat that would please most everyone was a challenge.

          I know I'm late to respond, but if the tournament is yet to be played and the meal yet to be eaten, would you consider taking the group to Midtown Global Market and letting them go where they wanted? (Each group of girls accompanied by parents, of course.) IIRC, there is a central area with tables and chairs where people could return to with their food to eat so you'd get that fun, communal eating part of the outing.

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            The team went to Buca. I was out of town so I missed it.

            Everyone I spoke with had a good experience. The food was "fresher and better seasoned than I remembered it" and "less expensive than I thought it would be" and "not weird like that other place you took us that one time..." I might be paraphrasing a bit.

            Overall, I'd say take a team to Buca and they'll be happy with prices and portions and the food will be ok for all the various palates.

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              Glad to hear they had a good experience. Still chuckling about the "not weird like that other place you took us" comment. Some of my friends would be shocked to walk into---let alone eat---at some of the restaurants I have enjoyed :0)