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Apr 14, 2013 04:04 PM


Lunch at Mim's the other day. Across from the U of Mn ag campus on Cleveland.

I tried a shawarma sandwich. It was not bad. Real meat, not gyro chopped-pressed-extruded meat-like food product. But a little dry and underseasoned when compared to Filfillah's offering.

Friendly service, decent prices. If you can't get to Filfillah and you don't want a Gyro....there's Mim's.

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  1. I'm a St. Paul campus person and have sampled most of their middle-eastern/american menu. Aside from the excellent and genuine service, I'm impressed by their burritos. Shawarma, chicken or veggies, hummus, basmati rice, salsa, lettuce, corn salad, and tahineh salad in a tortilla. Yum.

    The interior ambiance is a bit lacking but patio seating is available in the summer.