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Apr 14, 2013 04:03 PM

Blue Plate - Chiswick

The Outsider Tart folks recently expanded into the adjacent space next to their bakery. The bakery has a good selection of American cakes, cupcakes and brownies and decent coffee too. The new space is a small cafe that does a GREAT brunch. The menu is interesting and I had the best American pancakes that I've had in London so far. There's also a good egg dish similar to huevos ranchero. Portions are not American sized though, they were a bit small.

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  1. Define *small*, FooDIY ;-)

    P.S. - I remember Mama's, my fave place for brekkie in San Francisco: one serving of pancakes consisted of 4 dinner plate-sized, half-inch thick monsters!

    1. David and David who own Outsider Tart are indeed from the US of A, so if anyone's going to be authentic it's them.