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North Burnaby?

Meeting some friends from Pt Moody and North Burnaby is about half way. Looking for recent recs-- we have been to the Pear Tree, Anton's and L'Artista with them so any other suggestions appreciated. Any cuisine of interest. (Geographically thinking of Hastings east of Cassiar but I guess the area around Lougheed Mall would also fit).

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  1. i'm by no means an expert on Bby - does this thread pertain to your area? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/895438

    1. If you like Indian, I can recommend Handi Cuisine at 4544 Hastings.

      1. Burger etc.
        Broken rice.
        chad thai

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        1. Worth considering:

          Cotto Enoteca
          Chez Meme Baguette Bistro
          Take Sushi

          See a list of current restos in the area:



          1. A new Vietnamese place worth checking out:


            Corner of Hastings and MacDonald.

            1. go to the bbq grill place on hastings right across the shoppers drug mart its about 5 blocks east of boundary road. there ribs are killer as well as there wings hands down my favourite bbq spot in the van area.

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                The BBQ place you are referring to is Burgers Etc., which is 3 doors west of Gilmore St. (north side) It's been awhile but I recall the BBQ and the wings especially, were quite good. A word of warning though, if there is a hockey game on, it can get quite crowded and very loud.

                Also, the Thai Cafe is pretty good, don't know how it stacks up against Chad Thai as I haven't been to Chad's yet

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                  Thank you i knew i forgot the name of the place but your right about it getting busy when the canucks are playing.

              2. Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria does an excellent brick oven pizza and makes their own bread, fresh herbs growing outside restaurant. The meatball pizza is the only one I wouldn't suggest as it gets kind of soggy from the meatballs (understandably so). The meatball appy is delicious though,7 large meatballs and comes with homemade bread. Everything we have tried has been verry good, salads are fresh and their white bean dip with truffle oil served with fresh homemade bread is fabulous. Large portions, consistently good quality, helpful friendly staff. Small parking lot and parking on street. Open 7 days a week from 11:30 am. We have learned not to order too much as the first few times we had to take home a ton of food, which we got to enjoy later.

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                  Is Cotton Enoteca in the Heights on Hastings? I don't recall ever seeing it.

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                    No it's not in the Heights. It's further east towards Burnaby Mountain/SFU and more specifically on Hastings near Burnaby North Secondary.

                    It's in the old Anducci's space, near a car wash.

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                        Thanks LotusRapper and moneychow!