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Apr 14, 2013 02:35 PM

Lunch between Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels and San Antonio

Can't do park food, must be a great dive? hidden gem between? on the drive?

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  1. I've been thinking at length about your request and cannot come up with a spot between Schlitterbahn (NB) and San Antonio. This route is Interstate 35 and not very far (approx. 17 miles). There are a number of chain restaurants at The Forum in Schertz (outskirts of San Antonio) such as The Outback Steakhouse, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Sea Island Shimp House (a San Antonio based chain), and a nearby Chuy's Mexican Restaurant. None of these are foodie places and certainly not hidden gems. My recommendation would be to dine in New Braunfels after your time at Schlitterbahn and here are some ideas: 1. The GristMill (in Gruene....a rather quaint little community adjacent to NB with some tourist shops, boutiques, a popular wine tasting shop/hang-out, and Gruene Hall, the oldest dance venue in Texas). The food at the GristMill isn't necessarily gourmet fare, but it's very good and the total package (different seating options including outdoors with a view of The Guadalupe River) makes it very appealing and very rustic Texas. Another place in Gruene that is quite popular is The Gruene River Grill. In New Braunfels proper, there's Huisache Grill very near downtown. What I consider to be a hidden gem is a little sandwich shop called Cravings (also sort of near downtown on San Antonio Sreet), but it is only open 10-3 Mon.-Sat. If you are in the mood for a pizza, there's a mom 'n' pop place called Oregano's on Hwy. 46 near I-35 ....stone-hearth oven baked ones. Very good. San Antonio will be another story....lots of great opportunities there, too.

    1. Thank you- anywhere on outskirts San Antonio we should just tell the kids they have to wait for?

      1. At the Quarry Market, off 281 (toward downtown), there are several eateries of interest. P.F. Chang's China Bistro (although a chain) is good....we love their appetizer lettuce wraps. Amy's Ice Cream is a must (kids will love it) if you stop at The Quarry. Not exactly within the complex but very nearby is Paesanos Lincoln Heights.....excellent Italian that serves a house specialty called Shrimp Paesano...our favorite. There is a plethora of Mexican restaurants ranging from dives in the barrio to upscale restaurants in the Alamo Heights area. Right on the outskirts coming from New Braunfels, though, are the ones mentioned in my previous post....none are bad choices, especially for hungry kids. Since I don't know if San Antonio is a passer-thru or destination for you, that's about all I can suggest. But, if you do stay a night and want a good breakfast, The Guenther House (near downtown in the King William neighborhood) and The Magnolia Pancake Haus (off West Ave. in north cental area) are both wonderful. Of the two, the Guenther House has more personality but both serve superior food.

        1. Near Schlitterbahn is Pat's Place.It's a local place that has been there in New Braunfels for years. There is also McCadoo's and various other places around there.There is Cooper's BBQ on Tx Hwy 46 and there is the Gristmill in Greune.There is also the Adobe Cafe in town . I really haven't eaten that many places in New Braunfels but the Chamber of Commerce has info on eating places.The new Golden Corral is good.Very clean and light and airy.
          If you like hamburgers,there is Bracken Cafe in Bracken.They have a website.It is in an old store building in town and very popular with good burgers too.
          Schertz has Mamma Margie's next to the Lowe's and HEB on IH35. If you go down FM3009 there is also Garcia's and El Jalisco.There is a Sea Island over in the Forum at Olympia Hills. In Universal City you have various choices.
          Next to the Valero on Pat Booker Road is the Picky Deli.
          Futher up by West Telemarketing is The Four Kings..They have fresh sandwiches,salads,soups and desserts. Both places make everything fresh daily and got good reviews in the San Antonio Express News as did Pappy G's.Pappy G's is more home style and soul food cooking which also got good reviews.It is in the little plaza where H&R Block is located right by Pat Booker.There is Manny O's BBQ. It is in the old HEB Plaza down by the Texas Department of Motor Vechiles. It's stuck away by the far coner.Also good reviews.In Cibolo,there is Harmon's BBQ and Catalano's which is italian. You would need to go IH35 South like you are going to San Antonio and get off at the 1103 exit. Just folllow 1103 to the light and the Shell store.Turn left on Main Street.Go down into Cibolo.Both places are on your left hand side in some old store buildings.You cross the railroad tracks to get to Harmons.They are next door to each other almost.Good food at both.
          If you like Thai food,I heard Siam Cusine in the plaza next to Walmart in Schertz is good.That's on FM3009.
          There is also a Gumba's Pizza ,Encanto Grill(mexican) and an ATT store.
          In Live Oak on Pat Booker up near the movie theatre is Bangkok Cusine which constantly gets good reviews. There is on Pat Booker Shanghi Chinese restaurant and a Mr.Gatti's Pizza with games and stuff.In the forum there is also by the Home Depot a Peter Piper Pizza.