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Apr 14, 2013 02:26 PM

Dry roast-how to fix?

Hi I made a stab at making sweep steak - found it in the I hate to cook book (love that book!)

tasted great out of the oven (which was very surprising-sounded too simple to work) but now the next day it is horribly dry-I would add it to the crock pot with a can of french onion soup but I already used dry onion soup when I baked the roast and am thinking that would be WAY too salty

any tips on how to get this back to edible? Am thinking slowcooker but not sure what to put in it at this point because most things will make it overly salty - I would add wine but not everyone likes wine in their pot roast here.


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  1. Whenever I make pot roast, I take out the meat, let it cool, slice it and return it to the gravy to reheat or heat the rest of the way. That moistens and flavors the meat all the way through.

    1. Whichever way you look at it, the solution will be to slice it or grind it or chop it and mix it with a liquid of some sort. For example, slice very thinly and bring up to temperature in some stock.

      Or make a sort of shepherd's pie with it. Or empanada filling.

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        Thank you think I'll go with the stock :)

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          I'll sure remember this for next time, I love the Cook's illustrated pot roast but was feeling lazy oh well

        2. Slice it thinly, dip each slice in melted butter, and warm it gently.

            1. Gota hungry dog? Just kidd'in, maybe grind it in a food processor and make a shep's pie or cube it up and braise the crap out of it add veggies and potatoes for a stew.