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Apr 14, 2013 02:24 PM

Summer visit w/4 kids (7 -14) from NYC...foodie parents.

Staying Driskill Hotel. Need breakfast, lunch and dinner. Want on great tex mex for sure. Need help on others...coming from Dallas. Also somewhere with great afternoon snack/ ice cream dessert.

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  1. Take the kids to Krause Springs in Spicewood late morning. Then drive another 30 or so miles up 71 to Llano for the best west Texas style BBQ at Coopers in Llano. On the way back hit pie happy hour at the Bluebonnet Diner in Marble Falls.

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    1. re: ftf

      I think Coopers used to be good, but I'm consistently disappointed. I'd go with Opi's in Spicewood.

      I agree, however, that you must do Krause or Hamilton Pool. At the very least Barton Springs.

      1. re: ChristineR

        I love the butter beans at Opie's on Friday and Sunday.

    2. Lick for ice cream, hands down.

      Also, here's a great resource for foodie parents with kiddos:

      My suggestion for that post was Olive & June's Sunday dinner...always amazing, and free for kids under 12!

      1. If you have kids and want unique I'd go to Gourdough's. They have food but I've only had the donuts. They are awesome and chances are you've never had anything like them unless you've had it at a state fair.

        1. Will you have a car while you're here? If you are coming from NYC and haven't been here before, fair warning that the public transit here is pretty spotty.

          1. yup we have a car,spending the first afternon in fort worth, in dallas by dinner then next day driving to Austin.

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              If you have kids go to the Rodeo in Ft. Worth. I'm a yankee born and I thought it was a blast. I can't imagine kids not getting a kick out of it. Just don't let them chase the calf or goat .