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Apr 14, 2013 02:11 PM

Ft. Worth lunch, Dallas 36 hours 4 kids (7-14) from NYC. Where to eat?

Lunch near Sundance Square in Ft Worth. Then want cool dinner in Dallas and lunch the next day. Nothing super fancy- want great food. These kids travel, moms a foodie.

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  1. Hmm, where to take kids ... the Love Shack for burgers & shakes is a possibility. There are two locations, I think Bluebonnet Circle is going to be closer than the stockyards, but I'd check that to be sure.!/pag...

    There's a food park at the edge of downtown behind Montgomery Plaza that always has several good options (schedule here: It's open starting Thurs for the weekend (opens at 11:00 each of those days--all details on website). Across 7th is an outpost of Dude, Sweet Chocolate (based in Dallas) that would be totally worth checking out. It is sophisticated chocolate, but they give samples, so everyone can be sure to get something they really like. My favorite is the stingray.

    For a cool dinner in Dallas, suggest Smoke (and reservations).

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      Any thoughts on Avila or Bolsa for dinner?

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        Avila I don't know; Bolsa is great. Bolsa is also open for lunch/brunch at least some days.

    2. Chicken Scratch would be fun for the kids....on a nice day. Good options for a foodie mom too....I usually get the quinoa salad. Nice sides to choose from too.

      Bolsa Mercado is good for an afternoon treat. They do fresh veg juice too. My kid gets a choc milk while I get the green/jalepeno juice. Look at the right end of the counter for bargain day old treats.

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        Babe's would be another good option for kids ... but they're all somewhat off the beaten path. They prefer rural locations. Old downtown Carrollton might be the most convenient.