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Apr 14, 2013 01:48 PM

One night in Vegas, 4 kids (7-14) want great dinner before a show... from NYC. Where?

IN Vegas for only one lunch and dinner. 4 kids who are from NYC. Mom and dad love food, but not fancy food. Where should we eat with only 2 meals. Dinner will be early as seeing a 7pm show.

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  1. What price range are you looking at? Any type of cuisine in particular?

    1. Pretty open could be italian or japanese? Anything great, fun a bonus. Nothing stuffy. Good desserts a plus.
      Price range also open.

      1. Vegas really has only one thing you can't find as good or better in NYC, and that's a buffet. Its been my (admittedly limited) experience that kids don't want to go to a buffet but they're happy once they get there if it is diverse enough and good enough, particularly if you tell em they can devour the dessert area.

        If you want to go that route, Chowhound is overrun by buffet reviews or you can share where you're staying and where the show is and we can give specific recommendations on your route.

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          I'd say definitely not a buffet. Trying to figure out what the best place to eat will be....

        2. Lotus of Siam for the best Thai in the US..lunch or dinner
          Delmonico's at the Venetian
          Charlie Palmer at the Four Seasons/Mandalay for their Cut of the Week deal..3 course $48 pp with wine.
          Milos for lunch 3 course $20.13
          In and Out double doubles for lunch

          1. I hesitate to mention a place I haven't tried, but since you mentioned Italian...have you ever wanted to go to Rao's in NYC, but despaired of getting a reservation? There's a large branch in Las Vegas; it opens for dinner at 5pm.