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Apr 14, 2013 01:35 PM

Amsterdam and Brugges recommendations please...

We will be in Brugges for 2 nights (Sun-Mon night) next week, and Amsterdam for 5 nights (Tue - Sat night) with 2 small children - 5 years and 2 years. I am looking for suggestions on places to go to eat, be it a sit down restaurant or street food not to miss - we are mainly looking for places casual locals go, but looking for some really good food.
We are from SF, and know it doesn't need to be white table cloth and expensive to be really good Our children will be with us every evening, but they are very well behaved (have been to Cinc Sensis, etc) and they like to eat!

These are some of the places I am thinking of (found from previous CH posts, DutchGrub and Amsterdamfoodie - thank you all!!), if any of these should be avoided, please advise, and please advise if there is a place not to miss! Thanks! Are children welcome in Dutch restaurants? We are living in Dublin at the moment where restaurants are not child friendly!

Bistro den Huzaar
Den Dyver

Restaurant Greetje
Tempo Deoloe - Rijsttafel
De Bekeerde Suster
Pancakes! Amsterdam
Vleminckx French Fries
Japanese Pancake World

Amsterdam terraces -
bar brandstof
Brouwerij ‘t IJ
Gent aan de Schinkel
Cafe de Jaren Cafe ‘t Sluisje
Cafe Hesp
Café Onder de Ooievaar

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  1. We were recently in Bruges with our two teenage children for two days. Our favorite meal was lunch at a small tapas bar called Quatre Mains. The greeting was friendly and the food excellent; our meal of steak tartare, pata negra ham with pan tomate, patatas bravas, scampi, scallops, and ham and cheese croquette ran to about 100 euros, including a beer, a glass of Champagne, and the best coffee we had in Bruges. We ate dinner at Den Dyver, where the food was decent but the service was terrible, through no fault of the hardworking waitress, who had to take care of all the tables by herself, including greeting diners, taking orders, serving food and drinks, and clearing away. Two and a half hours later we left, uncertain of why it had been so highly recommended. The chocolate shop Chocolate Line is indeed excellent.

    We were in Amsterdam three years ago - here's a link to my post at the time about our meals there:

    1. Where did you end up eating in Amsterdam? Did you try Pancakes! Amsterdam and if so, how was it? I'm thinking of having lunch there on Saturday.

      1. Can you give an update of your trip with recommendations? We are going to Brugges and Amsterdam next month (without children).

        1. A long over due trip report...
          In Brugges - Den Dyver - was an amazing restaurant. Think white table cloth restaurant (not stuffy, simply elegant) that revolves around beer and beer pairings - rather than wine. My husband had a beer pairing with his meal. I had a sublime risotto for my main, the restaurant was great with our children (5 and 2) - made a meal for them- it was fairly priced for a good restaurant, they were served a delicious piece of white fish and mashed potatoes. - we had a very memorable meal, which my husband talks about ...Blauw...we live in SF, and have tried most cuisines, including various Asian cuisines, but this was the most unique combination of flavors I have ever had. We ended up returning a few days later with colleagues. The flavors were hard to describe, if you like Thai/Indian/Chinese/Malaysian cuisine, this will blow your mind!
          Die Witte Oul -(the white owl) - we were lucky enough to visit this restaurant 2 days before they closed! Delicious and a delightful owner. Enough said.
          Gartine- was a lovely restaurant serving traditional Dutch food. Solid choice. Give it a try.

          1. Tempo Doeloe is a tourist trap. The food is not bad, the atmosphere is not very pleasant and you will pay dearly. I would avoid it. Blauw also has Indonesian food.

            If you have very small children, I would avoid terraces on water. Several on your list are on water.