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Apr 14, 2013 01:32 PM

Branchinelli's Long Island Old School Pizzeria Food

I was hanging out with a friend at great LI beer bar Tap n Barrell and we decided to get some dinner. Ciro's Pizza next door has good round pizza, but working in IT we were a bit pizza'ed out. i asked him what he wanted and he said shrimp parmigiana. I thought of nearby 1960's type Italian place Cafe LaStrada which serves up those dishes admirably, but we weren't feeling like the full blown sit down spend bucks kind of night.

i remembered Branchinelli's which I hadn't been to in years. We went and after a short wait (was a busy Friday night) had a great meal. He got the shrimp parm and I ordered meatball parm which you can see in the pic. We both got platter style not on a hero. The sauce cheese meatball combo hit the spot. Bread served before the meal also great. One regret we passed on ordering a salad and then noticed everyone was having them and greatly enjoying.

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  1. I don't live near there now, but recall their pizza and stuff very fondly. Been great for years.