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Apr 14, 2013 01:05 PM

Suggestion for dishes including fondant potatoes? (no game)

Hey! I'm looking for dishes, main courses, that includes fondant potatoes (pommes fondant) but no game meat (too expensive!!!). Duck breast is allowed (if that counts as game...).

Give suggestions, preferably a complete dish (ie: potato + X-meat + Y-sauce with Z-puree + vegetables). Or don't, not required but I'm personally not very creative. Full recipes on how to cook and prepare are not necessary though!

I've searched around but I've found almost no recipes that includes these potatoes!

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  1. Any roast, beef, pork, poultry goes fine with fondant potatoes. And I think green beans and carrots go best with potatoes as an additional veggie.

    1. JMF is right, and the potatoes work with seafood too. They'll pair well with anything you'd normally serve with mashed or roasted potatoes.

      Some thoughts:
      - Salmon with white wine, lemon & capers + roasted asparagus & mushrooms + potatoes
      - Steak + wilted or creamed spinach + potatoes
      - Roast chicken + garlicky green beans or asparagus + potatoes
      - Garlic & herb-crusted roast pork loin + asparagus or green beans + potatoes

      1. Roasted leg of lamb or grilled lamb chops, steamed asparagus and garlicky fondant potatoes.

        Beef with oxtails, roasted/caramelized carrots with traditional fondant potatoes.

        A simple grilled steak with mixed green salad would be great with the potatoes too.

        1. That's kind of like asking for recipes that include home fries. You've not found any recipes that include fondant potatoes because they are not a component in a recipe, but rather a stand-alone side dish, a garnish if you will. Think in terms of what mains might go well with fondant potatoes, as the other respondents have pointed out.

          1. Surely fondants work with any meat?

            Because they're so rich, we'd usually have them alongside a simple preparation of the meat.