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Apr 14, 2013 12:55 PM

"MAKKAH" - Delicious Indian Food at Insanely Cheap Price!!

I was running some errands on the East side of town when I drove past this Halal Indian and Pakistani take out place inside an obscure looking strip plaza on Sheppard, east of Markham Road. ( #3, 5650 Sheppard East, 416 337 2020 )

Curious to find out what this 'House of Quality Halal Cuisine' has to offer, I payed it a visit and tried out the following:

- Achari Chicken ( bone-in!! )
- Lamb Curry ( bone-in!! )
- Kari Pakora
- Palak Paneer
- Basmati Rice

Man! Was I glad to make this stop! All of the aforementioned dishes tasted individually distinct, quite complex, delicious and with a slight hint of sweetness in the meat curries, which I liked. For sure I will be back next week to try out some more. Meanwhile, hoping gas prices will go down!! Its one loooong drive for me!!

And Oh!! All of the above costs less than $13!!! What a bargain!!! ( They also own a supermarket next door! May be that's the reason for the crazy pricing?! )

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  1. Wow, I'm guessing this must be a sibling restaurant to Makkah on the Danforth. Love that place: cheap and spicy goodness. I'll have to check out the Scarborough locale.

    Sarah at Spice City Toronto

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    1. re: Spice City Toronto

      Love the Danforth location. The naan is amazing and I agree on the spicy goodness.

    2. Are they the same owners as the two Danforth locations? I assume so... The Donlands location is our go to. There is another location on Danforth, further east, somewhere between Victoria Park and Main.

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      1. re: Full tummy

        oops, just saw this now after i posted my above question. :)

      2. I used to like the Makkah on Danforth as it was close to where I stayed. Its okay....not the best by any means.

        1. is it also related to makkah on the danforth, closer to victoria park (just west of)? i know there is the one further west mentioned below too.. i wonder if they are all the same, different locations?

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          1. re: helenhelen

            I doubt it is related as the website of the Danforth location does not mention other locations.

          2. The Markham Road/Sheppard location is now closed and has been replaced by a 'Silver Spoon'??!!