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Dec 10, 2001 04:36 PM

Indian in Dallas?

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Has anyone tried the following restaurants?

Swagat-635 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson
Food for Thought-581 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson
Pasand-1377 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson
India Palace-12817 Preston Rd., Dallas

I'm looking for good Indian food, preferably in North Dallas. Feel free to recommend a restaurant outside of the North Dallas area if you know of a good one though. Thanks.

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  1. Pasand- Very good, used to get a lot of tech workers in the area.

    India Palace-A little fancier, also very good.

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    1. re: Texas Nosh

      Pasand on Campbell Rd. in Dallas is good. Both Northern food and Andhra (Southern) style.
      There is also a good Southern style vegetarian restaurant next to Taj Mahal Grocers at Central Expressway and Belt Line Rd. in Richardson called Udipi Cafe.
      In fact, the Taj Mahal grocers has an excellent "Chat Corner" for those of us that LOVE the delicious 'snack' foods of India. Try the Aloo Tikki and the Bhel Puri.
      Hope this helps.

    2. I'd like to offer another suggestion for Indian food in North Dallas: the Clay Pit on Belt Line in Addison. It's quite good, I've been several times to that location and to the location in Austin & have never been disappointed. They have some of the best naan i've ever tasted & the curry is to die for.

      hope this helps!

      1. India Palace is always good and was the first Indian Restaurant int DFW. Pasand is spicier and a bit more authentic.

        If you are looking for real Southern Indian then I would go to Madras Pavilion on Coit & Beltline, it's vegetarian and also as a side note the only Kosher restaurant in DFW.

        For Addison I would highly recommend Saffron house over Clay pit which I have never been overly impressed with.

        I would also second Udipi cafe there samosas are among the best in town.

        1. India Palace is the only one you mention that I have eaten at and although it's quite a drive from where I am near downtown, we make the trip out there occasionally just to eat there. Very good. Nothing close in is as good. I've never ventured further north. 635 if plenty far enough north for me.

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          1. re: Mike C. Miller

            Wow an interest take for those of us "North dwellers" my wife has the same opinion of "evil south of 635", however growing up in East Dallas I will pretty much travel anywhere for good food.

          2. I'm not sure if it is still there as I haven't been in Richardson lately, but we used to go to a place called Chaat Cafe. It was a nice quick and cheap lunch and was always a favorite of the Southern Indians I work with.