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Indian in Dallas?

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Has anyone tried the following restaurants?

Swagat-635 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson
Food for Thought-581 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson
Pasand-1377 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson
India Palace-12817 Preston Rd., Dallas

I'm looking for good Indian food, preferably in North Dallas. Feel free to recommend a restaurant outside of the North Dallas area if you know of a good one though. Thanks.

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  1. Pasand- Very good, used to get a lot of tech workers in the area.

    India Palace-A little fancier, also very good.

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      Pasand on Campbell Rd. in Dallas is good. Both Northern food and Andhra (Southern) style.
      There is also a good Southern style vegetarian restaurant next to Taj Mahal Grocers at Central Expressway and Belt Line Rd. in Richardson called Udipi Cafe.
      In fact, the Taj Mahal grocers has an excellent "Chat Corner" for those of us that LOVE the delicious 'snack' foods of India. Try the Aloo Tikki and the Bhel Puri.
      Hope this helps.

    2. I'd like to offer another suggestion for Indian food in North Dallas: the Clay Pit on Belt Line in Addison. It's quite good, I've been several times to that location and to the location in Austin & have never been disappointed. They have some of the best naan i've ever tasted & the curry is to die for.

      hope this helps!

      1. India Palace is always good and was the first Indian Restaurant int DFW. Pasand is spicier and a bit more authentic.

        If you are looking for real Southern Indian then I would go to Madras Pavilion on Coit & Beltline, it's vegetarian and also as a side note the only Kosher restaurant in DFW.

        For Addison I would highly recommend Saffron house over Clay pit which I have never been overly impressed with.

        I would also second Udipi cafe there samosas are among the best in town.

        1. India Palace is the only one you mention that I have eaten at and although it's quite a drive from where I am near downtown, we make the trip out there occasionally just to eat there. Very good. Nothing close in is as good. I've never ventured further north. 635 if plenty far enough north for me.

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            Wow an interest take for those of us "North dwellers" my wife has the same opinion of "evil south of 635", however growing up in East Dallas I will pretty much travel anywhere for good food.

          2. I'm not sure if it is still there as I haven't been in Richardson lately, but we used to go to a place called Chaat Cafe. It was a nice quick and cheap lunch and was always a favorite of the Southern Indians I work with.

            1. I LOOOOOOVE Chat Corner at the Taj Mahal grocery store...I just wish I knew exactly what to order instead of just letting them make me whatever they want.

              Is there any good place in town that does a fab vegetarian mixed plate?
              I hate having to order just one thing...like sag paneer.
              I would rather have several small samplings of a few things.
              A waiter once did that for me at Udipi Cafe but it wasn't the norm.

              1. We like Pasand quite a bit. They have a good lunch buffet - Friday is the best day in my experience. Also near Pasand is Masala Wok. It's not traditional Indian, but it is quite good.

                The people who own India Palace opened Roti Grill on McKinney near Uptown.

                Clay Pit is great.

                1. I wasn't overly impressed by Clay Pit, but I didn't try the traditional Indian dishes. It definitely wasn't bad though.

                  As for Masala Wok, i've been there a few times, and there isn't enough variation in the dishes. Noodles (Ramen Noodles maybe?) in hotsauce.

                  Pasand was quite good. I ate there a few weeks ago and enjoyed it.

                  1. Does anyone have any comments about Taj Express on Lemon Ave? I have been a long time ago but, enjoyed the lunch buffet. The food was hot, fresh and they had a nice variety. Is it the same buffet for dinner? Is Taj Express part of Taj Mahal in Richardson?

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                      I haven't been there in a few months, but it was still pretty good. But India Palace on Preston is my all time favorite. Their food is just so, so good.

                    2. Having been to almost every Indo-Pak restaurant in DFW in the past 10 years I can tell you that Pasand is near the top of the list (if not the top!). Their food is pretty close to authentic and the service is great too.

                      I have been to India Palace and came back unimpressed...the food is not the greatest and it's overpriced. Skip it.

                      The chat corner at Taj Imports groceries is excellent...if you don't know what to order here are a couple of items I highly recommend - Bhel Puri (a mix of a lot of savories, veggies and sweet/hot sauces) and Samosa Chat (Samosa garnished with chickpea curry, yoghurt and sauces)...you won't go wrong with either.

                      If you want absolutely authentic south Indian food - try Madras Pavilion (Belt Line and Coit Rd in Richardson, next to Whole Foods). You cannot get south Indian food better than that anywhere in DFW or for that matter Texas. They are certified Kosher too :)

                      Another place is Bombay Chinese (same complex as Udipi Cafe and Taj Imports in Richardson)...they cook Chinese dishes with a mix of indo-Chinese spices. It's a concept that's wildly popular in India. Try it out if you like hot and spicy food.

                      1. I would agree that Pasand is best of bread. India Palace was the original restaurant in DFW, it's been around for 30 years or so. Madras Pavilion is quite good if you are looking for real Southern Indian, it's probably the most spicy of them all. It reminds me of my trip to Chennai an our local people there telling me that this place is "not to spicy" yeah right..

                        1. Madras pavilion WAS good, take it from a South Indian. Their Quality over the years have gone down considerably. Initially when they started, they served only South (Madras) Indian dishes, but now they have started serving North Indian dishes with a South Indian touch.

                          One Place I would highly recommend over Madras pavilion is "Taj Chaat House" in irving. Its a collabration between Taj Chaat (richardson) and a guy from Madras. He does a great job in bringing the authentic taste of South Indian Cuisine in the items listed there. Its not a restaurant style seating, but a very casual atmosphere (more like fast food joint)

                          Also, if you like Bombay Chinese, try their sister concern in Irving called "Temptations". It is 100 times better than BC in terms of Food and Atmosphere.

                          1. Has Food For Thought relocated? Or is it out of business forever?


                            1. I believe so. Its been a few years since it closed its shutters. It was owned by some people from houston, not sure if they relocated back to Houston.

                              There is a new restaurant in addison called "Flavours". Any one tried it yet??

                              1. Nobody mentioned Mayuri in downtown Las Colinas?

                                1. Unfortunately, Swagat closed several years back. They used to give you enough food for a family of six for around $15. I've been to Pasand at least a half-dozen times and I'd rate it a "C". It's OK - no great shakes. Not sure why it never gets props on these boards, but Sitar (located on Preston just south of 121 in far north Plano) is the by far the best Indian food I've eaten in Dallas (and I've eaten at them all in the North Dallas and Dallas areas - excluding the one's in Irving . . . of which I need to motivate, hack through the traffic on I-35, and try some day). India Palace is another very bland option - skip it.

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                                    I ate at Sitar for the first time last Friday evening, and agree with your evaluation. Head and shoulders the best Indian I've had anywhere in the DFW area. Despite what the Star-Telegram says, they do serve alcohol, including Kingfisher and Golden Eagle beers.

                                  2. Chaat Cafe on Preston and Frankford is very good...a lot of Indian families eat there..always a good sign...Think India Palace is overpriced for the quality...Claypit is good, but a bit "americanized"....The Sunday night buffet at Taj Mahal used to be very good, though have not eaten there in years....Made the mistake of trying Indian Food in New York last week, and now I am completely spoiled....

                                    1. Does any one know if the Temptations (Indian Chinese) restaurant is open or temporarily closed? I visited there on Saturday March 17th at 8 pm and it was closed, and i tried calling them in the afternoon also, nobody is picking up the phone.

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                                        They actually moved to:
                                        2719 McKinney Ave.
                                        Dallas TX 75204
                                        They now open 24 hours a day with lunch buffet. Enjoy!

                                      2. The VERY BEST INDIAN FOOD is at Mumtaz in Richardson. These are the same folks that used to own Taj Mahal in North Dallas. They sold it (don't go there now!) but re-opened in Richardson. The food is authentic Indian and the service is impeccable. They also have a nice wine list reasonably priced. MUMTAZ, MUMTAZ, MUMTAZ!!

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                                          Great Indian Food at Mumtaz. If you don't live in Richardson it is worth the drive. Very good Lunch Buffet Seven Days a week and a Sunday Night Buffet. They even have a lunch platter if you don't want lunch buffet

                                          1. re: adgirl1908

                                            My family is Indian and the only place we eat out for Indian food is Mumtaz. The food is fantastic and authentic. The chicken curry is a personal favorite along with the stuffed naan...

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                                            Although not really meals persay I would say Taj Chaat House and Royal Sweets would be my favorite and from what I have heard pretty close to authentic. Just what I have heard.

                                          3. My favorite is Kebab-N-Kurry on 75 in Richardson. It is always top notch. Great potato stuffed naan and they have a lunch buffet durung the week. BYOB.

                                            But skip the Clay Pit. Not worth the time.

                                            1. Personally, I hated everything about Clay Pit. I ordered their traditional dishes and thought the whole experience was very PF Changish. I like India Palace, but it's definitely light on the Indian Spice. I will try Mumtaz.. My one and only time at Mayuri, I watched a little girl vomit mango lassi right outside my window. I don't think I can go back. I enjoy Chettinaad Palace.

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                                                I think you have hit every place on the nose. I wasn't impressed by Mumtaz. Mayuri was good but I think Pasand in Irving across from the mall is now much better besides the two restaurants I listed above. The dosas at Taj Chaat House are huge and freshly prepared. The ones at Madras Pavilion also pass muster. I am not saying that everything can be judged on dosas but at Taj it is vegetarian so that is one of the heartier dishes. A warning though at Taj the naan (or what they are calling naan) is terrible. I would also include Temptations into the list but they also have Chinese (terrible) and have a good Nepali menu also.


                                                A handy index of menus and websites that some poster was promoting one day....it is very helpful actually but I am not involved with them.


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                                                  We weren't impressed with Mumtaz (or Taj Mahal), either, but we'll give it another shot. Maybe we'll try chicken curry and stuffed naan.

                                                  We love Flavors' buffet. Now we don't have to drive all the way to Mayuri :-)

                                                  1. re: kuidaore

                                                    it's worth noting that jill123 and adgirl1908 have ONLY posted about Mumtaz...

                                                    what did you get at Taj Mahal (the chaat corner)? I thought it was pretty good - but definitely a different style of food (mostly street food, from what I'm told) than what you get at most restaurants.

                                                    1. re: gavlist

                                                      I think they're talking about this Taj Mahal.

                                                      We went there 4 yrs ago (right after we moved to Dallas). The food was just ok, nothing impressive.

                                                    2. re: kuidaore

                                                      I've seen a lot of positive feedback about Mayuri, but my experience with them has been inconsistent ranging from so-so to outright horrible. I'll have to give Flavors a shot.

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                                                        Air, did you have lunch or dinner at Mayuri? We find their dinner pretty bad. We go there only for the lunch buffet.

                                                2. I am not impressed with the Masala Wok, the fast food chain. I have been to the Irving location (MacArthur and LBJ) on several occasions when I was wanting something fast and Indian. The flavors and sauces are inconsistent, and to be frank, the prices are the same as a non fast food type restaurant. In a quarter mile radius there are many Indian establishments that are far better, including the new Aahar across the street.

                                                  A good indicator for me is the safe Chicken Tikka Masala. Although not truly Indian (invented in the UK) it is a crowd pleaser and to be honest, difficult to mess up. Another indicator is the naan and the palek paneer (a savory dish of creamed spinach served with moist homemade cheese that resembles tofu, but more akin to an unsalted queso blanco).

                                                  If you are doing lunch in Dallas, I highly suggest the Indian Palace. I also like the little place on Lemmon Avenue Taj Mahal. Nice family owned, small and tasty.

                                                  Another loser in this category is the much ballyhooed Clay Pit. I realize this is a chain and a more of Indian fusion, so I suppose it has its place. I think this to be more Indian for the skiddish.

                                                  I also enjoy Madras. Having had my hand at Indian cookery for some years, this seems more authentic.

                                                  Other dishes I enjoy: Lamb Vindaloo, Butter Chicken and a lamb saag. If you happen into an Indian grocer pick up the frozen Pillsbury Parathas!

                                                  1. I never think about the Taj Mahal on Lemmon and I live right by it. Any recs?

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                                                      The Taj Mahal is at Meadows and Central and the Taj Express is on Lemmon.

                                                      I'm not a big fan of Taj Express but I go there because it's in the nabe.

                                                      They do a buffet at night which I always think is a desperate attempt to keep the doors open. A decent Indian resto typically does not do a daily buffet in the evening. However, Taj Mahal does do one on a Sunday night and it is not bad.

                                                    2. Any of you Indian experts have a take on Chaat Cafe at Frankford and the Tollway? I usually only get the Tandoori Chicken Wrap which is fusion, but dang good.

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                                                      1. re: J.R.

                                                        Does anyone have an opinion on Bengal Coast, on Oaklawn near Welborn, it's on street level at the Centrum building ?

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                                                          Red India was a disappointment. The fairly new Addison haunt is sterile and cold, and the menu is not much better than its sister restaurant (also panned by me - The Masala Wok in Irving). There were a plethora of employees working on the Saturday evening shift, and the place was not busy at all. They had a valet parking attendant (my pet peeve for a strip center with an abundance of parking - listening Nate's???). The valets main duty seem to be relegated to opening the door to the restaurant where we found two hostesses (well one host and a hostess, but after hearing them discuss what they were going to do that evening I am safe at saying 2 hostesses).

                                                          None of the typical eastern employees you would hope to find at such as place. I think most of us use the 'the place was filled with Indians so it must be good' litmus test, this one failed there. Still a robust waiter that was equally excited as he was sweating took the orders

                                                          The waiter was extremely excited about pushing an odd confusion called a Tikka Masala Chick Roll. This bemusement was an attempt to make our umami grin, to be sure. Basically a naan 'wrap' with chicken tikka and an over abundance of mozzarella. The highlight of the appetizer was the sauce. This was an excellent example of a the masala and it made the dish complete. However, I preferred my pappadum but not the sauces that came with it.

                                                          There were three of us, and decided to order family style to get a good taste of everything. We ordered a lamb vindaloo, the saag lamb, and a chicken korma. The spinach dish was a giant lump of goo, nearly inedible. The korma was flat, but the vindaloo was decent enough. Ordered it spicy and it was definitely that.

                                                          Most restaurants such as this will have a pretty good naan. This one tasted very prepackaged food service. Not too unlike a very thick parchment. The Masala Wok at least has a decent naan.

                                                          I can pretty much say this seems like an attempt at Indian by a few law buddies wanting to bank off of this years academy awards. I would be shocked otherwise. I can also say that their website (was going to cut and paste for all to see) was plagued with an ad-ware virus. So good luck with that. It might be that the restaurant is perched on an Indian burial ground, because the past several places that occupied its location also were ill-fated rather quickly.

                                                          I generally post only happiness in dining experiences, but this one was too much to allow one of you to stumble into with out a caveat.

                                                      2. I also enjoy Chettinaad Palace, although I have not eaten there in a couple years. Being south Indian, the food was a bit different than what I was used to from Mumbai, but it was good none the less. The Thali was good for those unfamiliar with Indian food, as it presents a large selection of curries and masalas. I spent 6 months living in Mumbai and upon returning promptly took my wife to Rasoi on Campbell. Do not go, I don't know if it was that I had just come back or that the food was that bad, but I would never go back there. I have also tried the Clay Pit, its a good place for first time Indian eaters as its very adapted for the American palette. The food is OK, but nothing near authentic. Someone here also mentioned Sitar in Frisco. I enjoyed Sitar quite a bit, but it was sold and is now Indya Fusion. The food went down a bit in authenticity, and they introduced the buffet. Indya Fusion is ok and works in a pinch, but I would prefer Chettinaad Palace by far.

                                                        My wife has since bought a couple Indian cook books and living in Wylie, there is a great Indian grocery on Renner and Murphy road, Indian Superstore, where we can get anything we need to make Indian at home. Thats what we typically do now, my wife has turned into quite a good Indian cook. I also love the fact that you can buy fresh made roti there so you don't have to fill up so much on naan when eating your curries. (I guess thats an American thing to eat naan with curry instead of roti or chapati.)

                                                        1. Happened into the Chaat Cafe last evening. There are at least two locations I know of, one is on Preston near Bush and the other off MacArthur in Irving. I went to the latter, and it was my first visit.

                                                          I was greeted by a young and attractive Indian woman who was aggressively attempting to take my order. I think she thought I was confused since I didn't immediately toss out an order, rather i weighed my options carefully since this was a new restaurant to me. I chose the lamb vindaloo, as this is a simple dish that is hard to mess up. I chose the dinner portion as it also comes with dal and a vegetable and naan.

                                                          I sat down with a number (remember, this is more casual and no real wait service per se) and I awaited my food as I watched the obligatory Bollywood and listened to my Ipod. The food came quickly, i was almost shocked how fast it was. The plating looked wonderful and seemed generous.

                                                          The vindaloo seemed extremely bright red to me. Too red. Everything was extremely fresh and tasty except my vindaloo. It was almost pure canned tomato sauce. I detected a small hint of garam masala, and not much else. No lal mirch, no heat, nothing. A good vindaloo should, at least in my estimation, strip your paint off. It should give you at the very least a nice sniffle. There was also a severe lack of any lamb. A few morsels, but the few were tender.

                                                          As i scanned the room, the expatriates ordered nothing like what I had. I should have looked earlier along with my explorers cap, and said... gimme what they are having.

                                                          I will go back to this convenient and quick dining restaurant, however, I will order better and trust that others here did not have the same experience. The staff was very friendly, the place was clean, the prices wonderful. I truly believe the cook was trying to spare me the pain. Next time I will be the judge of that.

                                                          1. I was at Popolos last night for a bite, and was discussing Indian with the bartender (Indian descent) and he said there is a place on the same side street as Kirin Court, a few blocks away. He described it as a quasi grocer and lunch counter. I assume he means counter service and seats. I will of course check it out, but does anyone know what he might have been talking about? A little googling didn't turn up anything at first run through.

                                                            It's not Udipi, or KnK. It was supposed to be on that same street as Kirin.

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                                                            1. re: DallasDude

                                                              Could it be Biryani House (116 S. Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081)? That would be pretty close by. Haven't been there but have heard good things.

                                                              1. re: texangirl

                                                                Could be. I usually do not venture in that direction off beltline. I do make it to the Asain grocers further east, and I know there is a pocket of Indian grocers near there. I can drive around and check em all out, but I know Chow will save a ton of footwork. Thx texangirl.

                                                                1. re: DallasDude

                                                                  It is either Biryani House or Chameli...both specialize in biryani.