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Apr 14, 2013 12:45 PM

Toledo - one night

Driving to Chicago, and will spend one night near Toledo. Any recommendation for a "non chain". Dinner?

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  1. Here are three recommendations.

    Registry Bistro is in downtown Toledo. Erika Rapp is the chef-owner, serving contemporary American cuisine. I haven't been there yet - I will do so next month - but I ate at her previous, now-closed restaurant in Toledo, called Diva. She is a supremely talented chef and I'm sure it's excellent.

    The other two recommendations are just down the street from each other in the town of Maumee, just south of Toledo. Mancy's Bluewater Grille has excellent seafood. It is on the north side of Dussel Drive and is easy to spot. Bangkok Kitchen has terrific Thai food. It is sort of hidden in a strip mall on the south side of Dussel, just east of a Wendy's.

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      +1 re: Mancy's Blue Water Grill

      Have to try Registry.

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        I ate at Registry Bistro last night, and really enjoyed it! Chef Rapp's food was awesome as usual. I'm still thinking about that heavenly strawberry rhubarb crumble! And I enjoyed the main of braised pork belly with sweetbreads. The prices are extremely reasonable; my main was $23 and one of my companions enjoyed the meatloaf burger for $10. The room is lovely, with full-length windows that open out in nice weather. Highly recommended!

      2. Registry Bistro would be my #1 choice for dinner. All are solid recommendations in my opinion. Enjoy.

        1. For convenience, assuming you are on the turnpike, I suggest you get off at exit 59 (Maumee/Toledo, Route 20), drive a short distance south (toward Maumee) to Dussel, turn right and you will find Bluewater Grill and Bangkok Kitchen.. These are 2 of my favorite places in the area. Registry Bistro would be more of a hassle to get to.

          1. Thanks to all for posting..Looks like the Blue Water Grill is on tap for tomorrow night........

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              Please post your thoughts on Blue Water Grill.

            2. Sammo....well I did go,to the Bluewater Grill tonight. Shared a smoked Salmon appetizer, they do their own smoking, it had blueberry jam on top with crackers...really good. Dinner was walleye grilled , the wife had halibut..cole slaw with red wine vinegar was amazing, bread also very good. Shared a key lime pie for desert. Bluewater Grill is a keeper. Thanks to all for the great suggestion.