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Apr 14, 2013 12:21 PM

Lillian, AL for two weeks

We are traveling from NJ to Lillian and will be staying at the KOA for two weeks. Any suggestions on great places to eat? We're adventurous eaters, and prefer to sample local fare rather than stuff we could get at home. Any great seafood/oyster places? BBQ? We are willing to travel for good food - thanks so much for any suggestions.

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  1. There's not much in Lillian; Crazy Horse Cafe is popular, but small. You might want to look near Perdido Key, FL - Fisherman's Corner is very good & local seafood at it's best.

    I would avoid The Crab Trap - tourist trap & not good.

    There is plenty of great, local restaurants in Foley, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

    To name a few:
    Sea 'n Suds (in Gulf Shores. Best gumbo on the island)
    Nolan's (Gulf Shores)
    Lambert's (thought not my fav, people love it & you certainly don't leave hungry. In Foley)
    Cosmo's (in Orange Beach)
    Cobalt (in Orange Beach, awesome view on the water)
    Villaggio Grille (At The Wharf in Orange Beach, great shopping too)
    Cactus Flower Cafe (in Gulf Shores, great fresh Mexican)
    Tacky Jack's (in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach) - a fun place. The location in Orange Beach has a great view & it's on the water)
    The Gulf (In Orange Beach. It's an outdoor restaurant directly on the Gulf, built out of containers. Really cool place & great for kids to run around barefoot in the sand. Good food as well.
    The Hangout (in Gulf Shores; fun for kids and right on the beach)

    All of the above, w/ the exception of The Crab Trap, are locally owned, & great seafood/food.

    1. Thanks so much for your response, chloebell - this is exactly what I was looking for - I checked out a few of your recommendations online and they look great. How's the Tin Top Oyster House in Bon Secour? My husband (who's originally from Birmingham) was intrigued by the AYCE mullet night with the collard greends and gouda grits (two things he NEVER gets in NJ) but I thought it might be one of those quantity over quality places - would it be worth the trip one night?

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        Hmmmm, Tin Top - certainly some people's favorite, but not mine. IMHO, it would be quite a drive from Lillian, it's on the corner of an intersection (no view whatsoever), it's small and when it gets crowded, it's loud. On the flip side, the crew is very nice & accommodating, and their selection of food is immense.

        You'll find a lot of restaurants around here, seafood on menus, most things are fried. And every once in a while, that's ok. ;) The list I've given you is very diverse in food choices.
        If you want good grits, go to Cobalt - it's a side dish that's awesome. Also, Fisherman's Corner has fab Shrimp 'n Grits.

        Another unique item down here, and yes, it's fried, are crab claws. Sea 'n Suds has the best. They are small claws, not the large claws most people are familiar with. And they're only available here on the Gulf Coast.

        As for mullet, I can't help you there (if something clicks, I'll come back and post). But for collard greens, the Crazy Horse might have them one day, or there is a Cracker Barrel in Foley. :)