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Apr 14, 2013 12:17 PM

Breakfast near Sheraton @ 500 Canal?

Hi! I'll be in town next week for a conference & would love recs for breakfast near the Sheraton hotel. Thanks much!

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  1. Try Red Gravy across the street on Camp.

    1. I totally agree with shanefink. Red Gravy is our favorite breakfast spot. Do allow a little time because the food is prepared when ordered using fresh ingredients. It shouldn't slow you down for your conference if you build in just a few extra me, it'll be worth it.

      1. Thanks, 'hounds! Looks yummy.

        Would you recommend Red Gravy for dinner too?

        1. Yes. It's open for dinner Thurs and Fri. and possibly Sat....not certain about the latter. My husband and I had an evening meal there last October (Tuscan Shrimp and Andouille over Polenta and Veal Marsala)....divine. I believe the menu changes. You can check the website and link to Facebook for current options.

          1. I wouldnt recommend it for dinner only because it’s Italian food and there are so many more indigenous restaurants and really good ones within walking distance to your hotel. By the way, they’re doing construction on that Sheraton so make sure you are as far from the noise as possible.

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              Good point! We've got plenty of great Italian in NYC.

              Anyplace you'd recommend for dinner near there?

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                Herbsaint, Sylvain, Sobou, Domenica, Restaurant August and Le Foret are all within a short walk.