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Apr 14, 2013 11:53 AM

Looking for a less sweet tomato

I prefer my tomatoes to be a little tart with my sweet and so far the only luck I have had are Early Girl and Small Fry. Does anyone have any others to recommend? Thanks!

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  1. Give Green Zebras a try - they've got a very pleasant tanginess. They've become my favorite tomatoes for fresh salsas in the summer.

    1. Marglobe is a good variety that's widely available and not too sweet. It's still got that nice late-summer tomato sweetness, but that's evened out by a pleasant tartness that's very appealing to my taste buds. Also, it's a very good producer and will yield tomatoes all the way through to late October where I live, just outside of Boston, MA.

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        We had several Marglobes last summer, and were pleased with the yield and the not so sweet flavor. We used them for canning.

      2. I was impressed by my Valencia tomatoes last summer. Nice balance of sweet and tangy. Best orange-coloured tomato I've tasted.

        1. I'll second the nomination for Green Zebra.

          Lots of people hate them for their tartness, but others (like me) love them for the very same reason. They're a tomato that doesn't taste like a "tomato", in the best possible way.

          As an added bonus, they look cool as hell!