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Apr 14, 2013 10:11 AM

Picking at TV Cooking Shows

Who watches The Cooking Channel and its ilk and picks at the details? I can't help myself. I notice such things as when people fail to pronounce the first "r" in turmeric, or when someone squeezes a lime through their fingers even though there are no seeds to get the idea. It makes me feel not so nice, but I can't stop!

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  1. I just saw Jamie Dean cut a pineapple for fruit salad and didn't cut the core out. He just diced the whole thing up! As he was doing that we was discussing his days as a caterer. Really? With those knife skills?

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    1. re: Ashley12

      I thought Mr Deen's catering experience was in carrying brown bags for Mamma.

      1. re: Ashley12

        Funny, I just cut up a pineapple yesterday - they were on sale at the hispanic market near me, and were a brand I didn't recognize - and they had no discernable core. The first one I cut up, I estimated where the core might be, but the second one, I just skipped it. I wonder if there is such a thing as a core-less pineapple?

        1. re: jeanmarieok

          I bought a pineapple in France that has no core. Can't see, feel or taste it. I threw away the label but mine pineapple is thinner and completely yellow/orange. Prior to this I have only purchased the fatter, green and yellow pineapples.

          The leaves are thinner and with many teeth on them too.

          1. re: jeanmarieok

            Wow, I have never seen or heard of that kind of pineapple. Pretty cool.

            1. re: Ashley12

              Yes that's why I bought it lol. The shape and teethy leaves spoke to me.

              It is very sweet and the texture is less dense than normal pineapple. More crisp, less stringy. Super yummy! I cut the crown off and am going to try to grow it. I don't expect a fruit but I hope to at least get a spikey bromeliad.

        2. I've watched Giada chop garlic, complete with the dry, dark woody end.

          Maybe it's just me, but after I smash and remove the skin I take the extra 1/8 second to cut that bit off.

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          1. re: youareabunny

            "I've watched Giada chop garlic, complete with the dry, dark woody end."

            Jacques Pepin does this all the time. You got a problem with him? :)

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Not a prob with either of them, just a prob with that damn woody end!

              1. re: ttoommyy

                Catching up on Jacques's fast food series. Have seen him cut the stem end off the garlic several times now! Ha!

            2. "Who watches The Cooking Channel and its ilk and picks at the details?"

              Have you actually read any of the posts on this "Food Media & News" board? It's full of this! LOL

              1. I notice it but I don't care. Americans and Brits have never been great with imported words; restaurateur comes out restaurantoor, liqueur is likoor, and so on. So be it.

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                1. re: John Francis

                  At least we are allowed to import words!

                  Turmeric, while having Latin roots, has been in English for a long time. And while the first 'r' is normal when writing, both spoken forms are common (there's a third as well).

                  \ˈtər-mə-rik also ˈtü-mə- or ˈtyü-\

                2. Yes! I tend to pick more at what they say than what they do. It's a pet peeve of mine how some of them just jabber constantly even though they have very little to say. Stuff like, "...and now I'm adding salt, to give it a bit of...saltiness" or when they keep summarizing what they just did 2 minutes ago. There are some shows I really love to hate - I watch them just so I can snark at the TV!