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Apr 14, 2013 09:31 AM

Best Restaurant Wine Lists

Forget the uberlists at Michelin starred places and other big bucks joints. I am interested in bistros, wine bars and places with great food and reasonable prices.

It's been a few years but Villaret was, and I hope still is, the perfect example. Any CHers who think wine is just as important as food with some recent thoughts? Looking for great prices on stuff I know and places with great selections of wines that might be new to me. TIA

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  1. Hi Jock,

    La Cagouille has great seafood and an excellent selection of big name white Burgundy at good prices. They also have a fabulous Cognac selection. La Severo is strong in red Burgundy and Rhone and serve some of the best beef in Paris. Astier is a terrific Bistro and have a nice, well priced list. Les Papilles has some good wines on the wall that can be drunk on premise for a modest corkage fee. The best list in Paris (perhaps the world) is still La Tour ‘dArgent. It has a reputation for being expensive but there are still 100’s of bargains on the list. We had a 78 Bouchard Vosne-Romanee ‘Reignots’ last week that was only in the mid 200’s. Go for the pressed duck and a great bottle or three.

    Best Regards

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    1. re: jeremyholmes

      I see a lot a 4X or more mark up over retail these days. Any place that's closer to 2X works for me.

      1. re: jeremyholmes

        Jeremy - Went back to Villaret yesterday and the list, especially Burgundy, is extensive, Great stuff and very well priced. Mostly from the last 8-10 years. Very good food at reasonable prices. Menu at lunch 20E or 25E. Pretty sure you would like it. Used to love Papilles but no longer. They have developed an attitude and no longer any choice of what to eat and the wines not as impressive in the past. Unfortunately Astier has gone way downhill. Used to love it.

        Busk - if you like 2X try Juveniles on Rue de Richelieu. Short list but everything is excellent and the food is very good.

        1. re: jock

          Haven't been in years, but I did go see the Stones with Tim in '95. Not even sure if he's still around...

      2. I very much enjoy Bouclier de Bacchus on Rue St. Lazare; friendly, helpful owner with bargain prices.

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        1. re: Laidback

          Will try this trip. You in town?

          1. re: jock

            For the next 6 weeks. I am a big consumer of Foillard Côte du Py and the 2010 can be had at Cave Augé for about €22/bottle.

            1. re: Laidback

              If you can find it try the 2009 Foillard 3.14. A 30 year beaujolais if there ever was one.

        2. Found a new place that fits the bill that I have not seen mentioned yet on this board. KIGAWA on rue du Chateau in the 14th.

          Despite the name the food is French and we detected no "Japanese influence." Food was excellent and quite reasonable at 29E and 32E for the menu with three choices for each course. Wine list is short but sweet and very well chosen. Prices I would call fair, not bargain but not outrageous. A Foillard Morgon Cote du Py 2010 was truly outstanding 49E and a very nice 2010 Chablis from Alice & Olivier De Moor at 54E.

          Definitely worth a return.

          Villaret (see below) is still the best combination of great list, good food and bargain price that I have found. I'll keep looking.

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          1. re: jock

            Hey Mr Phoenix, my first thought was Le villaret as well, but l have felt their food was not close to their wine. another choice might be La Truffiere off Rue Mouffetard. My wine wholesaler friends feel one of best lists in Paris.If you like 'orange' wine, Saturne has a 30 page list that was sure unfamiliar to me, it was great last week.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Have to agree the food at Villaret has slipped a bit but the list still rocks. Definitely will try La Truffiere this trip.

              1. re: jock

                +1 on La Truffière. I've been there a few times - same sommelier, very approachable. I had one of the best dessert wines I've ever had there, on his recommendation. (I have it written down somewhere and continue to search for it in the U.S. to no avail!). It was not at all sweet, and the perfect complement to what we were eating. He was so thrilled we loved it, that he topped it off in a big way.

                Interestingly enough, the last time we were there, last year, while we really enjoyed it, we decided it was time to move on. We had been there 4 times, and it was time to make a new friend, as someone eloquently said in another thread. A few months later, they got their Michelin star! We were quite pleased with ourselves for getting there before the masses (assuming the star brings masses, of course). Would love a report if you go.