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Apr 14, 2013 09:19 AM

Noisy restaurants list

Thought I would start a thread for those who want an evening out to converse and end up in resto where noise levels are so high efforts to converse are difficult if not impossible. Also fatigue factor sets in...
Went to Salle a manger and no complaints about service, food also fine, just acoustics a big issue,and then later they added music to the din. It is admirable that they make so much inhouse but found it more a place for those who like charcuteries, tartars, sea urchins etc, my veal was very rare which would turn many people off maybe tourists but having lived here awhile was not a deterrant. Would not return though as noise levels too high for my comfort level.
Might be others who want to be aware of higher noise levels in restos before booking...

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    1. re: kpaxonite

      Too bad about that one, as it is somewhere friends and I have been planning to go. A noisy restaurant is hell for people who are a bit hard of hearing, and want to converse with their friends.

      Pizzeria Napoletana on Dante, no surprise, since all the walls are ceramic, as well as the floors. And another otherwise pleasant, clean, cheap byow resto in my neighbourhood, C Thai on St-Laurent, just south of Jean-Talon.

      I put up with those because of the price and the proximity, but I'm sure some hangings or other tricks could cut the sound volume to comfortable levels.

      1. re: kpaxonite

        I find this surprising. In my experience Filet has always seemed very quiet and very calm, even on busy nights. But perhaps this had to do with earlier dining hours..

      2. MBRGR in the evening. I get what they're doing and they're obviously successful, just not the best place to have a conversation. (unless you're only two people, but that can still be uncomfortable)

        1. I can't believe it's been 1.5 years since I've been to Ice House but I have no desire to go back until I could be guaranteed they would not be blasting BAD '80's rock...and this is from someone who loves '80's music and classic rock...but whatever mix they chose, just awful. No matter how tasty I found their fried chicken, it was all ruined by the Metallica and Megadeth. (Sorry, I've ranted on this before but I still feel the vitriol!)

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          1. re: foodinspace

            Funny I have a huge distaste for rock music in restaurants but I can't remember ever hearing loud obnoxious music during my 3-4 visits at Ice House.

          2. Sorry I am over the whole restaurant noise level. Never has it effected me ....I have dinned at very quite restaurants and very noisy ones never has it bothered me. I currently work for two different restaurants one is a Juke joint very loud and very verbal the other by a chef trained under Alice Waters very calm and quite.I think if you don't like a lively atmosphere some research first...OH it was so loud ...cry me a river.

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            1. re: chris2269

              Well, good for you. But i guess this thread is for those who do care about noise in restaurants and are trying to help each other "do some research". No crying, just sharing info.

            2. A pleasant coffee/tea place to go to is Cafe Vienne on Nuns Island (near the IGA). They play quiet classical music. Very nice atmosphere. Rather than just complaining about noisy places, we should also recommend pleasant places.