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Apr 14, 2013 08:47 AM

À good pasta restaurant in Venice,Italie

I'm taking my18 year daughter to Venice for her birthday and she loves pasta. Could someone recommend me a nice and charming (not to many tourists) restaurant with Venice best past!,

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  1. There are no restaurants in Venice that specialize in pasta. Good trattorie and osterie will always have a few pasta in their primi section of the menu.
    Alle Testiere has only three pasta on their menu but they are always excellent. Seafood only. Last week, there was potato gnocchi with baby squid, ravioli stuffed with zucca, ricotta and tiny shrimp and spaghetti with clams and herbs.
    Vini da Gigio has a large selection of traditional primi: the tagliolini with crabmeat, spaghetti with tiny scallop and taglioli with duck ragout are good and always on the menu.
    The pasta at Fiaschetteria Toscano are always reliable; large selection and very traditional. Try the black taglioline with lobster sauce, the bigoli en salsa or the tortellini stuffed with prosciutto and smoked mozzarella.
    We recently had a very good maltogliati with radicchio and sausage at L'Orto dei Mori. They have several seafood as well as non seafood choices.
    Less expensive: alla Vedova has a good selection, all priced around 10euros. Ai Promessi Sposi has four or five simple choices. We recently had a very good cavatelli with tuna, tomato and capers and spaghetti with sardine. There was also a non Venetian bucatini alla amatriciana.
    alla Zucca always has very rich lasagna: depending on the season with radiccchio or artichoke or asparagus.
    Can't avoid the tourists unless you go in the dead of winter.