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Apr 14, 2013 07:24 AM

Mundo Mustard: Germany vs. Poland

Went out looking for German mustard this morning, wound up with Polish instead. (Hey, it's Pittsburgh.)

Working on the assumption that there's not an enormous stylistic difference in condimentary customs here, but I'd be intrigued to hear partisans break down the nuances, if any. Danke/dzięki in advance.

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  1. I should be familiar with both. I think that both would tend to be less sweet (none of the honey type mustards, traditionally at least). Personally, I can't think of either country having "a" national mustard type--some can be with horseraddish, white wine added, bigger or smaller mustard seeds. Perhaps, in Germany, there might be more of the "Dijon-type" mustards. Certainly, neither Germany nor Poland have much of the very yellow, sweetish type mustards (and mild), you would find in South America.

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      Poland and Germany most certainly have Sweet and Mild Mustard as well as Hot and Strong.