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Apr 14, 2013 06:46 AM

Karoo Kafe in Eastham

We headed back to Karoo as we could not get in last week. This is a totally amazing new restaurant on the lower Cape. Don't let the wait deter you. Put your name in, hang around and wait for the most amazing Cape Cod dining experience to hit the local scene. The menu is quite eclectic with South African elements and some middle eastern options. We loved the veggie app platter with pakoras, falafel and grapeleaves. The rest of the meat eaters loved the ostrich satay and monkey (beef) ribs. My Peri Peri shrimp was divine. The flavors exploded in my mouth. We had a bottle of SA wine as well. Vegans, gluten free and vegetarians will appreciate the allergy diet conscious menu. The wait and host staff are wonderful and the setting, quite nice. Soon, they will have an outdoor seating area with hi tops.

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  1. Have you actually eaten there or are you going by how it is at the PTown location? The menu does look inviting.

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    1. that's how we have always felt about the PTown location so I have been surprised by the enthusiasm.

    2. Jillian and I dined there with a small group of 4. We dined at the Eastham location as the subject indicates. Cannot wait to go back. They have a nice wine list as well.

        1. re: thos

          ...heading towards Wellfleet, past Red Barn on the right where Arturo's used to be located.

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            seiously, they are serving monkey ribs??? oh never mind, and can't figure out how to delete this comment!

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              No, it's not monkey least I don't think friends had it, I don't eat meat. They did serve ostrich.

        2. The original comment has been removed