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Apr 14, 2013 05:58 AM

Benoit 60 W. 55th

How is their cassoulet? Any alternate suggestions for this dish in this area?


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  1. The cassoulet at Benoit is the best in the cith as far as I'm concerned. I prefer it to La Sirene's version.

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      Thanks for the great recommendation. After seeing some bad comments about the place I needed someone from this board to let me know what it was really like and you didn't disappoint. Although I can't pretend to have had cassoulet anywhere else in the city I can say it was very good here. In fact considering the 5 or 6 times I've had it in my life I can say this was the best. The beans were very tender but not over cooked, nice broth, not too dry or soupy, the duck legs of course were fall off the bone tender, nice sausage and a real thick slice of bacon. I would recommend this place to anyone for this dish.

      Having said that, people should be cautioned this is an old style pretentious french restaurant. The atmosphere is excellent, but stuffy, service impeccable with a wine steward as you would expect in a fancy french restaurant. I also should call attention to the wine markup. Although a large markup is expected in New York I think they really go overboard. We had a 2011 Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec for around $45. Upon returning home to northeast Ohio I found the same thing in the local grocery store for $16. The apps we ordered were also very small but tasty. In their defense our waiter did warn us about this and we considered it not a problem. Lastly, one other diner with us had the liver and onions which she thought was done perfectly. The proportion of liver served was quite large, perhaps making up for the apps. Also the quantity of cassoulet served was perfect, It came in a small LeCrueset style pot that was very hot and kept the dish nice and hot through out the meal. Just the right quantity for an individual diner.

      So, in summary I would say if you are one or two people I think the best would be to have the cassoulet with a glass of wine in the bar area where they have some nice small tables. Other than that, not sure I would recommend the restaurant unless this style of dining is to your liking, if so then you will certainly enjoy.

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        The cassoulet at Benoit is also my favorite, but try Artisanal for a lighter but equally delicious version.

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      Montmartre also has one on Tuesday nights as the daily special.