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Apr 14, 2013 01:54 AM

Red King crab in Toronto

Anyone know where I can find some good King Crab legs in Toronto? Not the 1 year old froozen crap that goes on sale in Metro or Loblaws once in a while.

Thanks :)

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  1. Seafood Depot, on Aviva Park Drive, off Weston Road between Steeles and Highway 7 always has red king crab. Not Toronto proper, but in the GTA.

    It is, of course, frozen, but I find it much better than the stuff from Loblaws. The crab from Loblaws has ranged from decent to poor for me, and I won't buy it anymore.

    Hope that helps,



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    1. re: brianl999

      Agree about Loblaw's, quite variable. Most supermarkets feature snow crab at a low price. The flesh is a bit yellowish at the joints.

      Costco has Alaska King Crab around $40/kg but worth it.

    2. In the west end, All Seas is a major seafood wholesaler with a retail outlet so their products are likely as good as you will get around here. They are located about a half block north of Ikea's Queensway store. Sometimes they have some exceptionally good prices on their products too.

      1. if your ever around T & T you could check there, i remember seeing live king crab there from time to time, though it has been awhile since ive been there.

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          The live king crabs I've seen at T&T haven't been red king crab. As far as I could tell, they were gold king crab. I could be wrong on this and stand open to correction, but I'm pretty confident they weren't red king crab.

          Most are probably already aware, but just in case, king crab is usually red, blue or gold. If it isn't specifically labelled as red, is most likely isn't. Red is supposed to be the most desirable and expensive. I've had red king crab and unspecified (or Alaskan) king crab, and the red has been (in my opinion), the best. Sometimes by far. The Seafood Depot red king crab is expensive, but it's always been excellent.



        2. T&T at both 16th & Woodbine and Weldick & Yonge locations have ' fresh NON FROZEN ' legs on sale on Friday. At $12.99 per pound, I was told they were cut up from a beast that just died!

          1. Thanks everyone! I'm sure my wallet will be lighter soon :)