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Apr 14, 2013 01:07 AM

Kosher BBQ Competition Long Island June 9 2013

We're in! My team The BarBeJues have been confirmed a spot and we are competing. Last year applied too late and we couldnt get in. Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Beans. Any thoughts on a baked bean dish? We are getting cans of cooked pinto's and we dont have a direction for a flavor profile. Don't want just sweet baked beans.

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  1. last year was very serious competition, I was surprised to see how many groups were into slow bbqing, but they were there all night..... Do something unusual like curried flavor or tofu sour creamed, or something... unique makes you stand out in competitions

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      EvanM you hit the nail on the head...that is the constant cry at all bbq competitions. The teams have fabulous creative chefs yet their hands seemed tied when it comes to presenting the judges with their best efforts.

      Every competition on TV shows the same thing; the judges want perfection within a category. They want the perfect rib, the perfect slice of brisket. Whenever a team tries to go off the beaten path; they get beaten down. Creative sauces and over the top glazes make the judges think the chef is trying to hide the meat that is underneath.

      That's not what the judges want. The guys who win all the trophies have learned the lesson: Cook What The Judges Want.