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Apr 13, 2013 09:40 PM

liquore con grappa e mirtillo?

We were just gifted a wonderful bottle of grappa from an Italian friend and I wanted to learn more about it. I found the following link that translate the little paragraph that is on the front of the bottle:

I'd love more information, as to the year, the distillery, etc. At the bottom of the label, it states the following: prodotto e confezionato da Coima di Cervetti Alessandro e c. snc Bastia (RA) U.T.F.FE2RA

I was able to translate part of it through Google and it states that it is produced and packaged by COIMA etc.

When I searched the web for COIMA, there was a web-site devoted to liquors but also other herbal tonics.

Is this a specialty company?

Also, our friend stated this was an aged grappa but it seems like from my brief web search, it is a grappa flavored with bilberries (blueberries). Is it the former or latter or both?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. It's grappa with added bluberry juice. If it is sweet, they probably added sugar.

    Here is the description from the English language page of their liquor section of their website.

    "The highly pure grappa of the exclusive noble wine variety of Sangiovese, combines with the delicate and fragrant wood scents of the red juice, made of mature Blueberries."

    From the top of their liquor page:

    "In the marvellous scenery of Ravenna countryside we are devoted to making absolutely pure and natural liquors after the ancient and original family recipes. We respectfully follow the recipes which have been carefully preserved and handed down from generation to generation.

    Searching for supreme quality ingredients like the hulls of organic walnuts picked in Brisighella marks the enthusiastic beginning of an ancient but also typical and fascinating process. We patiently make the infusions and shake them in due course, letting the wonderful tastes and scents that nature donated to us permeate through our beloved liquors.

    The very precious and pleasant Grappa Mirtilla and the Lemons Liquor, enriched with strong lemon juice and blossom flowers, complete with honour the excellent array of our products, which find in Walnut Liquor and in Sangiovese Grappa the best that our knowing, devotion and love for excellent quality could realize."

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      Actually it is Bilberry The difference is explained well in Wiki

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        Yes, but I didn't want to add any confusion to the thread. The bilberry is like a slightly more flavorful and aromatic American high bush blueberry. It has a very similar flavor profile as the "wild" blueberry. The tiny, ground covering, low bush style that grows in northern New England. Basically they all originally came from the same ancestor.