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Best Salt Fish Fried Rice in Montreal

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Had this and loved it in montreal's chinatown, 15 years ago. Salt fish, chicken, fried rice. Simple, salty, fishy. It stank to high heaven and I just loved it!. The resto is long gone, burned down I think. Anyone tried it lately? Recommendations anyone? Also -- where can I get the salt fish (it's not cod...) in the city?

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  1. Dunno if it's the best but I always eat it at Beijing.

    1. I don't know if it's 'THE BEST' but I would highly recommend ordering this dish at Keung Kee, as well as Beijing.

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        Can`t wait to try them both. I shouldn`ta used the word 'best', since every resto is different and am hoping to learn to make this myself, so as many benchmarks will be great. Thanks ever so much.