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Apr 13, 2013 06:39 PM

Forno Cultura - new bakery - 609 King Street West

I was in the area on Friday night and noticed that this spot has now opened. Talking to one of the staff there sounds like it has only been a few days and they are doing more of a "soft" opening with advertising/etc to come. For example they don't have their "hours" signage up,etc (7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday according to the website):

Not much detail on the website either. I had just eaten dinner but stopped in to take a look around and it is an interesting space. The bakery is only seperated by glass walls so you can see what is going on in the production (think SOMA, but for bread).

Anyway, was offered a sample of the biscotti including a savoury one. Really enjoyed what I had. They were the bakers that supplied the previous Alimento market with product before (cookies, breads, etc) and I was a fan of the stuff I had from there as well.

Noticed they had a couple of prepared sandwiches on the counter too. Not sure what else they will be rolling out but worth while checking out over the coming weeks/months.

BTW, the space is right below WVRST , just west of King and Portland

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  1. Oh, great to know! I live in the area and have seem them doing work but I didn't realize they were THAT close to being finished. I'll have to check it out.

    1. Sweet....been waiting for them!!

      1. A nicely turned out basement space in that wood & concrete look. With baking goods in the back and baked goods in the front, there are many treats here to tempt and entice.

        While I've yet to sample their entire lineup (working on it), I did manage to sample a fair number of their cookies. Of the ones I tried, I most especially liked the sandwich cookie with an orange filling (sorry, the name escape me) and the frollini alla datteri (sesame and date thin). They have a number of biscotti (tried the chocolate, hazelnut, and a cornmeal & currant one). And they have a rather interesting chocolate & olive cake, which is quite good if you can get around the olives (I've no issues!). A savoury twist on the salted chocolate combo.

        Overall, good flavours and textures from the cookies I had. Worth a return visit for sure. Could be a potential lunch spot once they roll out their full menu.

        I've some photos and will probably do a full post once I've got more in my belly!

        I wonder how they'll do being so close to Pain Dorée. And they'll have no competition from Alimento (now closed, yes?) down the street.

        --- -- food. is. love.

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        1. re: jlunar

          I love that you're eating your way through the bakery jlunar! You're my kind of girl!!

        2. I was passing by last night and grabbed two "baci" cookies. Very good. The versions they had yesterday used thinners cookies as the "sandwich" vs the type you would see if you google italian baci cookies. If people are wondering about pricing, they do it based on weight. Two of those cookies worked out to $1.75, reasonable for these considering the quality/taste.

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          1. re: ylsf

            Liked the orange baci cookies! Also liked the pistachio amaretti type ones. Decent deal for good cookies.

          2. I've been there twice already since they opened. My favourite is the foccacia! Absolutely divine...soft and chewy, nice crunch on the bottom layer. So far I've only had the tomato one, but will be sure to get the olive one next.

            The cookies are great. But I also enjoyed them when they were available at Alimento. It was funny because I was asking before Alimento went for renovations why the cookies were all gone and they said the supplier didn't want to supply them anymore? That was a bit odd. They were a bit on the pricey side though. A dozen cookies cost just over $12.

            I don't think the Brioche Doree is really their competition. They sell different products and the breads at Brioche Doree didn't blow my mind.

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            1. re: ukers

              Oh, I agree about Pain Doree, but I believe they're still competition (as a bakery, less than 100 ft away, closer to the main streets, street-level, etc) and they have bigger dollars behind them (that's a guess, but given it's a chain...)

              I have yet to try the breads (they're up next!), so good to hear they're awesome.

              1. re: jlunar

                Brioche Doree not Pain Doree , you are getting your chains mixed up :)

                I don't think that Forno Cultura is planning any seating area... and I don' think they have plans for coffee/etc either so there will always be a market for the other "Cafes"... but, I will be tempted to go buy treats at this place, get a drink elsewhere and sit on a bench somewhere or even in a Starbucks (shhh) :)

                1. re: ylsf

                  dammit. I "fixed" the name too. poop.

                  So far, their offerings are quite good. Sorry I never got to try them when they were at Alimento, but am taking advantage of their presence nearby work now!