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2013 Alphonso Mangos

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They have been for sale for the last week or two at Om India Food Center (Dufferin/Center). They weren't looking good two weeks ago, but the case I bought today is totally up to snuff. Still $25 per case.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! After reading your post, I went down to Little India and picked up a box myself at BJ Supermarket. $26 for a case of 12. They only have 2 boxes left with shipments every Friday.

    Also peeked into Kohinoor Foods just around the corner and they say they'll have the smaller Anwar Ratol mango from Pakistan in late May/early June. Just as sweet if not more so!

    1. Wow, did I get misled by Whole Foods on a mango purchase? I was 99% sure that the sign at the Oakville store tonight said "Alphonso Mangos" but the price was a lot cheaper ($1.50 each). Made me think "something is up" after reading this thread. I just googled the label on the mangos and I came across this:


      I didn't even think anything of it about the Mexican origin before because I had never had an Alphonso mango before but just heard about it.

      I am really curious now so I will stop by the store tomorrow and talk to them about their false sign if that is what it says.

      The mango was still pretty good but I bought it because of what the signage was.

      Does this happen a lot? Maybe I am wrong in my interpretation of the link?

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        Possibly! The box of alphonso mangoes that I bought are from a company called Alisha Mangoes, exported by Three Circles Exports of Mumbai, India. None of the mangoes have individual stickers, and they're all placed in a box with confetti. I went to another grocery store and they also only had this brand and sold it only by case.

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          K, just a followup, I went back to the Whole Foods yesterday. Either I totally misread the sign (probably what happened) or they changed the sign. Said "ataulfo" yesterday... That location has been known to mislabel produce before (signs saying product of Canada for apples with a sticker from the USA, etc) but may have been my mistake.

          1. re: ylsf

            I wonder if the receipt showed Ataulfo or Alphonso?

            1. re: Nevy

              It just said "yellow mango"

        2. Thanks for the heads up.

          Lets hope Price Chopper has some this year,I rememeber they had like 6 for $9 last year.But it has to be the Indian/Pakistani stores where we will find them for sure in the coming weeks.

          Also to avoid long drawn discussions,there is a difference between Alphonso and "Ataulfo".
          Asian grocery stores do not carry Alphonsoes.So what ever you see there is Ataulfo

          1. I'm hoping FreshCo has the same deal as last year for the Alphonso mangos. Last year they had a box of 8 alphonso for $10.99. You really had to dig through the boxes to find a good one as some had some bright mint green mangos that were rock hard.

            I picked up 4 boxes and every single mango was a delight on the tastebuds. It made my entire house smell like the tropics for that 2 weeks.

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            1. re: Nevy

              I bought some there last year too and had the opposite experience -- a lot were too ripe, almost to the point of rotting. But the good ones were delicious.

              1. re: piccola

                I went to a few Freshco in Mississauga for this last year and I didn't see ripe ones. I wish we did because I had to wait almost a week and a bit for some of the mangoes to be eaten! Which city did you shop in?

                1. re: Nevy

                  Toronto - the Freshco at Dundas West and Bloor.

            2. Does anyone know any stores in Scarborough that would have them?

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              1. re: jl_1978

                all the branches of patel brother's grocery stores carry them, and there is one in scarborough.

              2. Could someone please advise on this. I've never bought Alphonso mangos because I'm a little scared of buying a whole case of produce: what if they're bad? I frequently buy Ataulfo mangos (individually) and I'd say 1/4 of the time, they're rotten (brownish-black flesh) or they have that weird seed spoilage (little bits of seed throughout).

                I understand that Alphonsos are from a different country and are a different (and superior) variety of mango. So my question is this: what are the odds of getting a bad mango in a case of Alphonsos? It's a big commitment, buying a whole case!

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                1. re: AverageJo

                  yeah there's no way i'm eating a case of mangoes. there has to be somewhere that sells these and other rarer mango varieties individually, no?

                  1. re: disgusti

                    I bought a case of 12 from Kohinoor on Gerrard today. The man behind the counter asked if I wanted a case or to buy them separately, so I'm assuming he is willing to sell them individually as well

                    I also inspected all of the ones I purchased, and he switched out a few that were overly ripe for me

                    1. re: tygrr_lily

                      tygrr_lily ,how much did you pay for it?

                  2. re: AverageJo

                    Whenever I've bought them at an Indian-owned store, I've been given the opportunity to swap out the fruit I don't care for. If that doesn't seem to be in the offing, just ask - it seems to be normal protocol. I aim to get 1/3 in the box that are ready to eat now, 1/3 that aren't terribly ripe at all, and 1/3 of intermediate status, avoiding obvious bruising and black spots if possible. Ripeness seems to correlate best with how much squish or give there is in the fruit, I'm not sure if the black spots are relevant or not.

                    1. re: AverageJo

                      Some are "small cases" of 6 mangoes.

                    2. The Indian grocer at Speers Rd. and Kerr St. In Oakville had them last week for $26/case, and they looked terrific. Unfortunately for me, I only had enough scratch at the time to pick up my 1/2 dozen samosas I went in for.

                      Food Basics carries 28oz cans of sweetened Alphonso pulp for under $3. Look in the ethnic section. A great alternative to fresh when not available, or for use in smoothies or shakes.

                      1. For all those who want to try the Alphonso mango without shelling out the really high price point, Freshco just started to advertise a box of Alphonso mangos (6 pieces) for $9.99!

                        The sale starts today!

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                        1. re: Nevy

                          Thanks for the heads up! Had lots of stock at my local Freshco. Have never had them before so really looking forward to it.

                          1. re: punkyhunky

                            You're welcome! The Freshco near me had over 100 boxes and looking at the ship date from British Airways sticker, they're really recently flown from India. They weren't sitting in a warehouse in Canada for a while.

                            The sizes of these were pretty good... some of them are smaller than the Ataulfo mangos but I picked up some that were nearly the size of the Red Mango from Mexico. They had lots of them in varying state from 'ready to eat today' to fully green. None of them were in the rotting stage so I think this is a great bargain. I'm finding the quality of the Alphonso from Freshco this year better than last year.

                          2. re: Nevy

                            Nevy and punkyhunky...which stores did you'll go to?

                            1. re: warlock

                              I went to the McCowan and Ellesmere location in Scarborough.

                              1. re: warlock

                                I went to the one in Brampton Goreway and Derry. It's not the prettiest Freshco but the stock was really good yesterday.

                                1. re: Nevy

                                  Picked up a couple from Queen Street and Gladstone one...have to scan through atleast 10-15 case before I found acceptable quality ones...already had a couple as soon as I got home....they are really good ....makes you realize why you paid so much for it....

                              2. re: Nevy

                                Picked some up today at the parliament/dundas fresh co and the stock was already very picked over. Hopefully they refresh it soon!

                              3. under 5 dollars a case at Walmart Dufferin Mall.

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                                1. re: Danybear

                                  A case!? I would doubt their origin at that price... Or maybe it was mislabeled with the Ataulfos.

                                  1. re: Danybear

                                    No chance they are Indian Alphonso's

                                    Cheapest I have seen is $20/Case

                                    They are so good this year though - I am saving the pits to infuse into vodka ;)

                                    1. re: Sadistick

                                      Mango infused Vodka. Would love to try that. Any recipe you working with?

                                      1. re: punkyhunky

                                        I typically never use recipes, unless for baking, and I hardly bake :)

                                        This process will work with any fruit -

                                        Take your desired fruit, add a bit of sugar to macerate, let sit for 1 hour, then fill with your desired liquor.

                                        Some good combinations have been:

                                        - Cherry Pit Brandy
                                        - Peach Pit Brandy (apparently if you roast the peach pits, they will emit an almond like flavor)
                                        - Strawberry Rum or Vodka

                                    2. re: Danybear

                                      The ones at Walmart Dufferin Mall were ataulfos when I was there; I asked the produce guy if they carried alfonsos and he said the ataulfos and the red mangos are the only ones he's seen lately.

                                    3. freshco on dundas, west of runnymede. $9.99 for 6. absolutely delicious

                                      1. Last week, I bought 2 cases of Alphonso mangoes from FreshCo in Peterborough for $9.99. I went back today, only to discover they were selling for $6.99 a case. So, I bought 3 cases! The sign said product of Dominican Republic, but the case says product of India, same as last week. Yum!

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                                        1. re: earthygoat

                                          saw them at the dundas bloor freshco yesterday for 4.99 a case but they were all on the verge of going bad so i abstained

                                          1. re: earthygoat

                                            They're now $1.99 / case at the Freshco at Dundas / Bloor! Need to spend time picking through them, but there were still some in great shape for a great price!

                                            1. re: Steady

                                              I did some picking through also, but found some brand new cases at the bottom. Overall, I got a good variety to enjoy for the next few days.

                                          2. According to the owners of Om India (from the OP), they have a plot of land back in India where they grow their own Kesars. They noted the differences being that, not being a large commercial operation like the common alphonso, they do not water the mangoes overly to speed up the process (rely on rainwater), and use no herbicides/pesticides/chems on their crop.

                                            I went in last week to see if they were in yet and they were just wheeling the boxes in so I picked up a beauty of a box. They are just great - deep and sweet flavours with some floral notes, firm but yielding texture, very present aroma, so much superior to regular mangoes and better for me than other alphonsos, but there are so many varieties so it's really a personal thing between the various ones. Shared them with a few friends and they were all pretty much like what the hell are these crazy mangoes?

                                            Anyway they were $20 for a case of 9 and now it's $18, only a week left but the sooner you get them the better before they get too ripe. Also the owner said she freezes the ripe ones and then later on you defrost it somewhat and peel them, scrape it all down and you can make these amazing lassis/slushies with'em.

                                            Get your A-One samosas here too, though the shells are usually pretty soft and not close to fresh from the plant prolly due to the steaming from getting boxed right away.

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                                            1. re: Chester Eleganté

                                              Yesterday, the Keser Mangoes are on sale for $16, a box of 9!!
                                              Though not fully ripe yet but the aroma they were giving out was already incredible!

                                            2. Go to Asian Food Centre at 284 Orenda Rd to get these Indian Mangoes.

                                              These mangoes taste much better than Mexican mangoes (Atulfo)! But you have to pay the price.

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                                              1. re: dhaliwj

                                                Do they still have them? I ask as the season is just about over. How much are they at the AFC?