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Advice on How to Visit a Great Dim Sum Place in SGV

Going north from Orange County on public transportation,

Thanks to all the mensches, GJ

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  1. Order what you like or find interesting. Eat it. Pay. Leave.

    It's not rocket science.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      by the way it's phrased, maybe looking for suggestions on where and how to get there?

      the best by consensus of the board seem to be (not in any particular order):
      king hua

      but they do not use carts and they are pricier than other places. the addresses can be found readily via google, but the best ways to get there via public transportation escape me.

    2. Are you looking for transportation advice? Which places would be closest to bus or train routes?

      Or are you asking for the best dim sum? In that case it would be helpful to know if you wanted menu or carts?

      1. Go to Elite. They give you a picture menu.

        Get there by 11 on a weekend or expect a 1 hour wait min.

        1. 1. Don't go via public transportation
          2. Go to a joint with pics on menu (e.g. Elite, or King Hua)
          3. Use your fingers to draw "X"s with provided pencil.
          4. What ipsedixit said.

          It's dimsum, not Tijuana.

          1. Flying Pigeon bike shop has a Dim sum ride once a month next one is Sunday April 21 at 10 ish. Call them to reserve a bike if you are not bringing one. To get there from the OC Take Metrolink to Union station get the gold line north to the heritage square stop and it is a couple of blocks from there. They pick places which are sometimes very good and some which are OK. Though Josef who runs the rides is knowledgeable and will stear clear of most of the not so good stuff which is brought by. This is a good introduction if you haven't been and usually there are enough people in the group to allow for a great variety in ordering.

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            1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

              You and Dommy! always amaze me with your recs, like the wizards of Chow.

            2. Sorry for not being clear.

              We have our own Coachella going on next door - people there are into the third day of an epic wedding party where, besides food and drink, there is a giant bounce house that the adults use more that the kids. And the music consists of bad, off -key mariachi karaoke that goes non-stop all night until dawn.

              So my ability to think and communicate comprehensively has been severely compromised.

              What I want to do is take the Amtrak from San Diego to downtown Los Angeles.I know how to do that.

              My question is how do I transit from there to a good dim sum place in the east side of the LA county.

              Looking for good food, but the choice of restaurant is dependent on its accessibility to public transportation.

              Thanks for any advice on how to accomplish this trek.

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              1. re: Gypsy Jan

                Pacific Surfliner to Union Station. Chinatown is two blocks away but most of the dim sum there is ok not great. But you said you were willing to go to the SGV so Get out at Union Station. Take the #70 Found on E Cesar Chavez to Garvey and Atlantic. Get off an Walk 1/3 of a mile south to NBC Seafood which will be on your Left. Another Option is take the #78/79/378 also Found on E Cesar Chavez to Main And Raymond Get off here and King Hua should be right there.

                If you need it here is Metro's trip Planner which I have found to be better than Google Transit.


                Take care

                - P.

                1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                  Garvey and Atlantic is kind of a dim sum epicenter. On the northeast corner you have Capital Seafood, which at least some people consider the best of the cart places. (The pastry-topped almond gingko soup is out of this world.) On the northwest corner is Empress Harbour, which has seen better days but is still formidable. Half a block north is Ocean Star, the biggest dim sum restaurant in town. A few blocks south is, as Mattapoisset notes, NBC (lesser than Capital, perhaps), and a few blocks past that is Elite, which is generally considered one of the top two in the SGV, if not the absolute best.

                  And if you suddenly decide that the institution of dim sum is too recherche, you are only a few steps from the old-school pan-fried dumplings at Mandarin Noodle House, the shrimp dumplings at Pearl's or the sea cucumber dumplings at Fortune Dumpling.

                2. re: Gypsy Jan

                  My favorite for dim sum in SGV is Lunasia on Main St in Alhambra, but not sure it is feasible considering waits can be over 45 minutes during prime time hours from about 11am-1pm. I am not familiar with Amtrak schedules but you would have to be in LA by 9am if you want to beat the dim sum prime time rush

                  From Union Station, Lunasia can be reached by the Metro 78 bus (Catch the Metro 78 from corner of Cesar E Chavez/Vignes outside of Union Station). Lunasia is about a block east from the stop at Atlantic/Main St in Alhambra

                  1. re: Gypsy Jan

                    I would just rent a car. This way you can explore all that SGV has to offer.

                    Why schlep all the way from SD to DTLA then to SGV just to have ... dum sim?? Or even dim sum? I wouldn't even bother walking 1 mile to have dim sum at my favorite place. It's just dim sum; not like you're getting a personal, close-up viewing of the Mona Lisa. Just not worth the effort.

                    When you get there (however you do it), go to Sea Harbour.

                    1. re: Gypsy Jan

                      It might be easier to get to "good" or even "better than average" dim sum from public transport.

                      You could try taking the gold line from Union Station to the Chinatown station and then hoofing it over to Empress Pavilion (use Google maps to find the actual walking path).

                      I like Lunasia, but I thought the quality had gone downhill during my last 1-2 trips. Last time I was there, we were able to find a table pretty easily as "late" as 10AM on a Sunday (which is not a good sign....).

                      1. re: ilysla

                        10AM is too early for the prime time crowds which start after 11AM.

                        I have not noticed any dip in quality over last 5 or so visits, in fact Lunasia still has my favorite versions of har gow shrimp dumplings (huge and fresh) and dan taat egg custards (very crispy and fresh)

                        1. re: Ernie

                          10am is not to early for Sea Harbour on weekends.

                    2. is it financially feasible to consider taking a cab from union station to that location & back to union station?

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                      1. re: barryc

                        Yes, if Gypsy Jan's last name was either "Trump" "Gates" or "Buffet"

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          you've missed her intent with her initial post - which I seemed to have understood.

                          you assumed she could drive.

                          you might want to stop making assumptions about this one.

                          1. re: barryc

                            That doesn't preclude her from having someone drive (friend, relative, etc).