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Apr 13, 2013 06:07 PM

MARKET restaurant, 17th ave

Just got home from what I *thought* was going to be a tasty and interesting dinner at a relatively new spot. Upon walking in, the first thing I notice is the awful shrill music that's playing way too loud and the fairly tacky white and black warehouse-modern decor. I'm guessing they're sort of going for a hip Chuck Hughes style of place with upbeat tunes and an atmosphere that morphs into more of a bar/lounge as the night goes on. The problem is that whoever is in charge of the playlist ...... should not be in charge of the music. I literally had to listen to 10 atrocious songs in there and I'm the furthest thing from an out of touch fogie. Totally subjective I do realize.

Anyhow on to the food....
I wanted to start with the pork shoulder and kale salad with crackling but my dad had his heart set on the charcuterie board so we went with that. All in all, not bad. Good elk sausage, double smoked salami, and pork/pistachio terrine. The pickled beets were great but the mustard and gherkin/pepper relish were very forgettable.

For my main I ordered the sausage wrapped Broek acres pork chop with white beans and Swiss chard. Sounds great on paper however in reality it was a disaster. The cut of pork itself was super knarly with tons of fat and sinew. It was obviously brined for so long that it had an off putting sausage-like texture. What I really didn't expect was the stringy sausage casing that was wrapped around the entire thing. Combine this along with the chalky undercooked white beans and the fact that I was given a butter knife to eat the dish with and what you have is a plate that I had 4 bites of and sent back. Well actually I just left it on the plate until the waitress asked if everything was alright. She handled it well and offered to tell the kitchen about the issues (and perhaps get me something else?) but at this point I was happy to just ride it out and not subject myself to another entree. $5 was taken off our bill for an inedible $26 entree. Go figure.

My dad had the hanger steak which was properly cooked to temp and came with a very pedestrian herb pistou as well as another orange sauce. He said the $3.25/glass (2/3 ice) house made root beer was average. I later confirmed that the house made ginger ale was far below average.

I will say that the burger and halibut entree that another table ordered both looked great from a distance.

Anyhow, a quick read of the menu convinced me that this place in the old Yardhouse location had potential, and perhaps it still does, but I'd suggest trying at your own risk. At least the prices are somewhat reasonable. Truth is I'd happily pay a bit more for something that's actually good.

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  1. I went there with a friend a few weeks ago. It was only 5:30 so the place was fairly empty. The space was big and clean and sort of hip. We shared a sweet potato & ravoili-like appetizer that was really great. We also shared a dessert with chocolate blackout cake with these really great peanut butter bombs. Our mains were ok. I had the hanger steak with herb pistou. it was served in a cast iron skillet on top of a round of wood, which was a strange presentation to me. My friend got the rotisserie chicken with tourtiere and wasn't that impressed. It was just ok. My only real disappointment was my cocktail: the Spiced Pear Collin's (Pear Vodka, Lemon Juice, Cinnamon & Clove Syrup). It was so bland and flavourless. Not worth $12.

    Overall, I thought it was a decent meal but I wouldn't rush to go back. nothing was outstanding.