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Best place to buy tamales in Austin

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I'm looking to buy a couple dozen tamales for the holidays, and I knew that members of this board should have an opinion on where I should go. Some of the people I'll be serving are true gringos and so I at least need one mild tamale choice. I'll also need to buy them ahead of time and freeze them so if that matters in what I choose, let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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    David "Zeb" Cook

    Haven't bought Xmas tamales here, but have seen a few offerings recent and in the past.

    Manos de Christos(?) usually takes tamale orders as a fundraiser. Check the Chronicle tomorrow, it may have info.

    Elsi's on Burnet is taking ordesr for banana-leaf wrapped tamales. Saw that the last time I was there. Pork, chicken or poblano.

    I'm sure a fair number of other Mexican restaurants are taking orders.

    Greg, you know of any?

    Personally, I wish I knew somebody who was doing a tamalada. It'd be fun to attend and learn.

    David "Zeb" Cook

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      Curra's is taking orders for tamales now. They've got several varieties (savory and sweet) and you can choose banana leaf or corn husk wrappers. They're really good.