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Apr 13, 2013 03:46 PM

"fancy" in Santa fe

Going to sf next month with a friend who hasn't been. I am a frequent visitor but just wanted some opinions as to which 'splurge' restaurant to go to. On my short list are Geronimo, Compound, Ristra, and Martin. I've been to all of these but it's been over 5 yrs on the first two . Which should be pick? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Newest in the "high end" category is Bouche. Expensive and slightly more so than everyone else.

    Chef was previosly the Executive Chef at Terra; the restaurant at Rancho Encantado. Place is small and reservations need to be made well in advance.

    There's a post from November 2012 now on page two here announcing the restaurant with a reply (believe by finlero) that was positive.

    There are several films shooting in and around Santa Fe. In case you want a little glamour with good food, seems the place to go is Geronimo.

    1. Good list. Check out Trattoria Nostrani also. Galisteo Bistro is more middlebrow, but worth a shot.

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        Nostrani has remade itself into a mid-grade French place called Vivre. They seem to be going for slightly more value-conscious than they were as Nostrani, which so far has meant the food has seemed a bit of a step down to me than it did in its prior incarnation. That said, I have a lot of faith in the principals there and I'm guessing they'll find their groove.

      2. Vivre menu looks good...not had much experience with French dining so may try that. I think that based on reviews I've read online that I'll rule out Compound in favor of Geronimo...their menu looks more appealing as well. Ristra still on the list as I liked it last year. Also liked Galisteo Bistro quite a bit but their portions were huge. A tangent to my original question: best Mexican place? I have my favorites but just asking to make sure I haven't missed one !

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          I wouldn't hesitate to give Vivre a shot. Prior to Nostrani the owner had a favorite restaurant of mine called Rosiata (? tfallath) in the same quaint building. It was frenchy if my memory serves me right. He is apparently good at remaking himself.

          Please update if you decide to dine at Vivre.

          1. re: pagesinthesun

            The original restaurant (years ago) at the location was called Rociada, named for a far northern New Mexico ranch (400+ acres) owned by a backer of the restaurant. It was a French restaurant. They became Trattoria Nostrani when they bought the partner out.

            And, finally Eric in no longer involved with Vivre except to provide his expertise to the wine list. Nellie continues as chef. Eric's restaurant is the adjacent Shibumi; a cash only noodle house.

            1. re: fyfas

              Thanks for the update. I do remember Rociada and had many memorable meals there, including one outstanding Christmas Eve. Eric was a character, to say the least, but the man knows his vino like nobody else. So glad to hear Nellie is still chef. We plan to stop there soon, perhaps on our way to the opera. Always liked their no-cellphone policy!

        2. Had dinner (finally) at Bouche and it is very, very good.

          It is truly bistro fare but done impeccably. We were interested in the Roasted Chicken for Two ($48) as we wanted to replicate a meal from room service at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. It was had after a long nonstop flight from Los Angeles and was a good way to begin a long stay in a favorite city.

          Note that Bouche is doing very well with every table taken from opening (at 5 p.m.). Tables turned near 8 p.m.

          Check was $239 before gratuity; that entree for two, two appetizers plus a $135 bottle of Burgundy.