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L'S Eatery on Lawrence. Has only tried it yet?

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I think L's has just opened very recently. Has onyone tried it yet?

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  1. Tried L's today for a late eat in lunch and enjoyed it very much. Nice little place....very friendly and good tasty food. We will be getting our delivered food from them from now on. I hope they are consistent...it is a chef owner place, so I was told..don't let the storefront fool you as it is in a bit of a delapidated plaza.

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      Thanks bobimken. I was hoping for at least one positive comment. No idea what happened to my Spell Checker but fortunately it seems to be working now.

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        That's so funny. Beau and I tried delivery from them yesterday as well.

        We were reasonably impressed by the thoughtfulness of their packaging. This demands saying since care here suggests care elsewhere.

        The food was good by Chop Suey House standards. For those in the neighbourhood who knew Holima, the food's better than that was. Certainly better than any other Chinese restaurant in my area that delivers. The noodles lacked wok hay, possibly from starting from clean scratch. Hopefully that'll build with time and a well-seasoned wok.

        For sure, it's going to be our permanent go-to Chinese delivery spot. For dine in, we'll probably still go to Congee Queen.

        Bobinken, do you know how the dine-in experience compares with Congee Queen? Does L's happen to have a wine list good for something other than cleaning drains?


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          Congee Queen is much bigger but L's is very clean and comfortable. The wait staff is great...very friendly. I'm not sure that they serve wine as yet...we didn't order any. I think the food is way better than most Chop Suey type houses around me that deliver and certaiinly way better than Holima. I am getting a bit tired of Congee Queen's menu...I appreciate having a few different dishes to choose from.

          We went there for a late lunch so dined about 3:30PM and there were no other dine in customers ....can't tell you how the service might be if it was crowded but when we were there it was great. LOL There were a number of take out orders though. We ate in and thought everything was VERY GOOD. I think dine in food usually tastes better than takeout.

      2. Any info from people?? What do they serve, where are they, that type of stuff??


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          Here is a link to their menu.



          1734 Lawrence Ave East,
          Toronto, ON M1R 2Y1

          We Deliver!
          Free Delivery on orders over $20 before tax.

          Everyday from 11am to 11pm.

          Contact Us

        2. L's has 15% off this month of April.

          1. Picked up some Hakka Chow Mein, Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli and Braised Tofu with vegetables about 3 pm. Then the world got in the way and I wasn't able to eat it until 7 pm after a few minutes in the micro. Still very good after that delay and reheating. As Googs said it is now the number 1 take out.

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              We had the Hakka Chow Mein too (among other things that were delicious) and thought it was outstanding.....yep, the number 1 takeout place now, for sure.

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                We had the Cantonese Chow Mein. They packaged the noodles separately from the rest of the materials. I was confused at first, like heeeeyyy that's not my hot & sour soup (which is also good btw). Then I realized that makes the noodles crispy or soft depending on how long the two components meet. Very considerate especially since Beau likes his soft and I crispy.

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                  Went to L's for the third time and also had takeout from them again....PERFECT and consistently GOOD. They told me that many people didn't realize they had such a nice dine-in restaurant...thought it was only a take out place....they are such great people to deal with. They even changed up a couple of dishes for us. I think that they might also specially make up some items that aren't on the menu if they have all the ingredients.

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                    This may interest you then. L's Chinese Eatery is one of the not-so-secret locations for the run.

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                      Thanks for the info....I wish I could make it.

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                        Yep, we're going. I think it is a crawl rather than a run, or more of a waddle. :-)

                        We ate at L's a few weeks ago, and the food and service were great.

              2. L's now has their liquor licence...saw it on their FaceBook page.


                1. Bought some more stuff Friday night. It was great as usual especially liked the Manchurian chow mien --spicy and colourful.

                  1. This place sounds good. My son and I love ordering from Lin Garden (I know that it has its detractors here, but when it's good, it's great!). We always get chili chicken, green beans, rice and lately, the chicken pakoras too. Can anyone compare L's food to Lin Garden, especially the chili chicken? Thanks.

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                      I can't compare, but I can say L's Chinese Eatery is definitely worth the chance. They seem to put a lot of effort into what they do.

                    2. Last night we ordered Cantonese chow mein, Szechuan Chicken and Eggplant and minced pork. The unanimous opinion was it was the best tasting order we have had yet.

                      One note: The Cantonese Chow Mein comes in 2 containers: 1 with noodles and one with the usual chow mein meat and vegetables.

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                        Check my post from Apr 19 for my guess as to why. I think that's a nice way to package it up. I hope they keep that standard.

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                          Yes Googs they are still packaging it up separately. Personally I like softer noodles but these weren't bad, I think people who are near Victoria Park and Lawrence and not getting their Chinese at Els at least once are missing out.

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                            Yep, got some last night with the leftovers tonight!

                            They now have Canadian, Heineken and Tsing Tao beers.

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                              So has no one had the Chili Chicken from L's? I swear it's ordered by at least 75% of the customers at Lin Garden. Guess I'll have to do my own taste test. Is L's open on Sundays? According to the menu above, they are.

                                  1. re: Googs

                                    It was really good, Googs. I picked it up at L's, drove to Lin Garden where I had ordered Chili Chicken and Green Beans. I brought it all home and compared. We both still liked the Lin Garden version best, but the one from L's, while different, was also really lip-tingling good. I'm glad we tried it, and would like to try other items from the menu.

                                    1. re: Yongeman

                                      Beau and I like it enough to try dining in. It's next on our to-do list.

                                      1. re: Googs

                                        It looks really nice inside. I didn't see it before the reno, but I bet it's a pretty big change. Let us know how your meal is, Googs.

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                                          Tonight we tried the Hakka Chow Mein, Shanghai Noodles and the Chilli Chicken. Chow Mein and Noodles were both good but are similar and probably should not be bought at the same time. The Chilli Chicken was great--not too spicy but definitely hot. Never have tried Chili Chicken before so I have nothing to compare it to.

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                                            Hi Herne,
                                            If you enjoyed the chili chicken from L's, I think you ought to try the version from Lin Garden, on Pharmacy just south of Sheppard. Our standard order for 2 is Chili Chicken, Green Beans (also with lots of chili and garlic), and plain rice. As an add-on we sometimes order the Chicken Pakoras which are a meal in themselves and also delicious. I'll be back to try some of the other dishes at L's soon.

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                                              Am I confused or does Pharmacy end just south of Sheppard and north of the 401?

                                              1. re: Herne

                                                You are correct that Pharmacy ends just south of Sheppard. Then it continues south of the 401 to Danforth, I believe.

                                                1. re: Yongeman

                                                  Ok So Lin Garden is in the dead end short block or so?

                                                  1. re: Herne

                                                    Right. If you go south on Pharmacy from Sheppard it's in the strip mall on the right (west) side. Here's their website with a picture of the chili chicken prominently featured:


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                                                      Its where King Chai used to be if you recall that gem. Still the best hot & sour soup I've had to date. I continue to chase the dragon.

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                                                        OK I will try to get there sometime this week. My favourite Hot and Sour was at the Szechwan Garden on Spadina south of College. Now long gone.

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                                                          My dining companions have always really liked the hot and sour soup at New Greatime Corp at Cliffwood plaza (Don Mills, south of Steeles). I'm usually not a fan but I don't mind eating this one because of the fillings and it's not so gloopy and cornstarchy as I've found many other places to be.

                          2. Ordered from L's tonight based on the reviews here.

                            Chili chicken
                            Green beans
                            Vegetable fried rice
                            Shrimp, scallop, squid and king mushroom

                            Delivery was quick tonight. Portions were very generous. Vegetables were fresh and plentiful. Not greasy.

                            We would definitely order from them again. I probably wouldn't order the shrimp dish. It wasn't bad at all but not alot of seafood.

                            We've been looking for a reliable Chinese take-out (outside of Congee Queen) since moving here so I think this is a viable option for us now.

                            1. What HAPPENED to L's Chinese? It was Great when it opened. I didn't report the earlier disappointing dinners because everyone has an off-night. Well now every night is off. The last delivery i had from them was inedible. Literally. I was embarrassed to serve it to my SO. Where did the original chef go?

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                                No Idea what happened to the chef. Last order I had was about 4 weeks ago and it wasn't quite up to snuff but passable. Now you have me worried.