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Apr 13, 2013 03:24 PM

Los Andes Bakery - Peekskill

Drove by Los Andes Bakery this morning in Peekskill and had my husband stop and run in.

He bought 4 empanadas ($3.50 each). They had beef or chicken and he got all 4 beef. They were boxed nicely with little cups of sauce/salsa.

They were HUGE and stuffed with meat, each had an olive and hard boiled egg inside too. The sauce/salsa was amazing.

A great deal at 3.50 each. The dough was excellent!

They had a TreLeches (sp) cake that I wanted to try but it was $33 so I passed. If I find out that it is great I will buy it next time.

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  1. Sounds worth a visit! Where in Peekskill in this place?

    1. 1049 Main Street
      Peekskill, NY 10566
      (914) 737-7707

      1. stopped by for one of their home-made, beef empanadas as described by the op, it was wonderful. They also have a good selection of chilean baked goods, I had a simple cinnamon twist which was fresh, flaky and delicious.

        At one table, a couple ordered Churrasco on a wedge which looked worth trying. They also have little scoops of tuna salad, seafood salad, etc and another couple ordered a scoop on a little, freshly-baked roll with a cup of soup. While I was there they conducted a brisk business in tres leches, can't wait to get back here.

        ps very nice owner.