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Apr 13, 2013 03:06 PM

Former Johnny's to be a Stop & Shop

New sign in the parking lot of the old Johnny's Foodmaster at Alewife and Broadway in Somerville. I'm glad there will be another supermarket there. Hope some of the old Johnny's crew can find work if they need it. No indication of when they will open other than "soon".

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  1. Don't know what Johnny's was like, but Stop & Shop was recently voted one of the 12 worst grocery stores in Americs.

    12. Stop & Shop
    Reader Score: 73
    Location: NY, NJ, MA, RI, CT, PA
    Year Founded: 1914 as Shopmate, 1947 as Stop & Shop

    Despite its slogan “Great Food. Low Prices. Friendly Service,” Stop & Shop received only slightly-above average marks when it came to cleanliness, but mediocre scores on price, the quality of meat and produce, and service, which is to say, they’re not necessarily doing anything wrong, but they’re not doing much right.

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        1. re: grampart

          It will be nice for the lower income families in the area as the only store close by right now is the whole foods. I do not know about any one else but I can not afford to go to whole goods all the time.

          1. re: l0b0SKI

            Me neither. All things considered, I'm pretty happy about it.

            1. re: Steve L

              I'm excited to have an option besides Shaw's. And one with a less-insane parking lot.

          2. re: grampart

            I agree with the assessment of Stop and Shop. Twenty or thirty years ago, it was a fine place to shop, as was Star Market. Being acquired by a humongous company based far away seems not to be a good thing, at least as far as local consumers are concerned. (see for info about the acquisition in 1996.


            At least there is some good news about Shaw's. Apparently it is going to be taken private. One can only dream about returning to the days of Star Market. See for more about the post-acquisition decline of Star Market -> Shaws.

          3. Infinitely better than nothing.

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            1. re: Steve L

              yup! I am just around the corner and the convenience factor is too good to pass up.

              1. re: Steve L

                Too bad it couldn't have been a Price Rite (that size space works for them, unlike Market Basket).

              2. Things come full circle. The Johnny's on Beacon St. just outside Inman Square, which is now being transformed into a Whole Foods, started out as a Stop & Shop back in the 1940s.

                1. Stop and Shop is now open! we went at around 3pm and it was a mad house, people were running us over. Everything looked really nice. I hope it gets less crazy.

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                  1. re: l0b0SKI

                    They really did a great job designing that store. It's unrecognizable from the old Johnnie's and seems so much bigger. I think the neighborhood really needed this and judging by the turnout yesterday, a lot of folks agree.

                    One thing they really need to do is improve the signage for the entrance and exit from the Alewife, though I'm sure the body shops on Sunnyside Ave in Arlington will be delighted with the status quo.

                    1. re: Steve L

                      Just got back from there, yes nice and modern. The deli counter seems to be almost the same place as Johnnys. Seemed like a lot of cars in the lot, but the store seemed to flow well and no lines at the checkout. A nice alternative in that part of the world for people like me that don't shop at whole paycheck.