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Apr 13, 2013 02:31 PM

sweetbreads in Phoenix???

Can anyone help me? I'm looking for sweetbreads in the Phoenix metro area...anyone??

Also looking for lardo.


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  1. Do you want a grocery store recommendation? or a restaurant serving sweetbreads?

    I am no help on the lardo since my Italian friends have come up empty-handed on this hunt. I look forward to hearing from others for a source.

    1. Grocery store recommendation. I'm cooking them myself. Thanks.

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        Any of the Ranch Markets, Lee's or MeKong.

      2. I've bought sweetbreads at Food City; they're also available at AJs (greatly increased price). I have also found them at Whole Foods. My local Bashas' butcher will order them in for me as well. Good luck on your delicious hunt.
        Edit: the prices have a ten dollar range, depending on where you buy them; Food City at the low end with Whole Foods being the highest. Since FC, Bashas' and AJs are all part of the same chain, it is odd that the pricing is different at each place. C'est la vie.

        1. Call first, but Wedge & Bottle in Ahwatukee has carried lardo from Salumeria Biellese recently. It's outstanding,

          1. Agree with Dmnkly about the Salumeria Biellese lardo Wedge and Bottle sometimes has.

            I've served it on warm crostini. Excellent.