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Apr 13, 2013 02:21 PM

Ocean at Cape Arundel Inn, Kennebunkport

We are heading up to Ogunquit in May and the chef from the former 98 Provence is now heading up the kitchen here. I'd like to try it. Has anyone been? I'd love a report. Thanks!

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  1. I can now answer my own question. It's fantastic!!! We went Friday. First off, the restaurant has undergone a much needed face lift and it is stunning. The views are all around, too. They opened up all the walls and it's mostly window. The chef is Pierre from 98 Provence and his food is outstanding. This was easily the best meal we've had since we started visiting the area. My husband had the seared foie gras to start and we both had the rack of lamb. The lamb was perfect and served with green olive tapenade, fava beans and a tarragon vinegar sauce. The sauce was the perfect amount of tarragon, which can be overpowering, but his was wonderful. It was supposed to come with a zucchini blossom but instead came with a fried artichoke which was light and lovely. For dessert I had the chocolate truffle - just needed a little bite of something sweet. We won't be back in the area till next year, but Ocean will be at the top of our list.