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Apr 13, 2013 02:11 PM

Epicurious Recipe Box

I have used the Epicurious recipe box for years, and see that they have changed the format. For the life of me, I can no longer figure out how to filter recipes in my box by main ingredient or course, for example. The help page says to click on the left side of the page, but I don't anything there to filter. Would appreciate any help.

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  1. If yOu scroll all the way down to the bottom there is a blue or green line and that is where the help button is.
    Sorting and filtering recipes in your Recipe Box:
    The default view for recipes in your Recipe Box is a list sorted by the date you added each recipe (from most recent to least recent), but there are many other ways to view your main recipe list:
    Use the drop-down menu in the top sorting bar to sort the list of recipes by name, by date added, or by fork rating.
    Use the Food/Drink toggle in the top left to view only food or only drink recipes.
    Use the filter menu in the left margin to filter your main list of recipes by main ingredient, cuisine, meal and course, dietary concern, type, occasion, preparation method, and more. Click any item in the menu to select a filter category, then select any combination of filters from the options that appear. To deselect a filter, click the x in the circle next to the filter name.

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      Thanks for your reply, however, I did go to the help section before posting this, and read exactly what you included in your reply. There is no filter menu on the left side of my recipe box that I can use to see all of the hors d'oeuvres recipes I have saved, for example. Just to be certain that I'm not overlooking something, I asked my husband to look at it. He was also unable to find an option to filter the recipes.

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        Did you ever figure this out? I gave up a long time ago-but now I need to find some old recipes that I saved and it's so hard.